Cute Cat Videography Now College Major, Viable Career Path

Forbes new power list of top college majors for 2013 features a new, though unsurprising, field of study: Taking videos and pictures of the cutest cats you can find and then posting them online in excess.

This new category of videos and pictures, referred to as the Feline Arts in professional circles, took the web by storm in the late nineties and currently rates as the number one viewed/liked/hashtagged/forwarded genre online.

We had the opportunity to speak to John Havafurmouth, a student at St. Catherine’s University in Minnesota, just to get his insight and perspective in this growing field. Read more Cute Cat Videography Now College Major, Viable Career Path


Drunk Telephone Pole Hits Pedestrian

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Capitol Hill is under lockdown after reports that an intoxicated telephone pole hit a pedestrian walking by his position on Constitution Avenue.

The assault allegedly occurred early Saturday morning after a pair of street lamps to the tree’s north and south suddenly shut off, allowing the cover necessary to strike Anthony Goldberg, AIPAC’s senior legal counsel.

Police have managed to chain down the tree, known by other shrubbery as Franklin, and are awaiting a court date to charge him with Growing Under Influence (GUI). Read more Drunk Telephone Pole Hits Pedestrian


Hipster Suffers 2nd Degree Burns, Smug About It (comic)

Sometimes it’s good to be on the cutting edge, other times not so much. Hipsters – though you’ll never meet anyone willing to accept that label – love going against the grain, even if it literally pains them to do it.

Here in this comic you can see a pair of hipsters doing the wrong thing and justifying the heck out of it, because, you know, it’s uncool to be cool.

Click on the image to see the cartoon in full-size.

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