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Ageing Jimmy Carter Accidentally Endorses Mitt Romney for President

WASHINGTON D.C. – In a televised address before the press corps Saturday, ageing former Democratic president Jimmy Carter accidentally endorsed Mitt Romney for the presidency, insisting: “Romney is a progressive thinker and he’s gonna do a whole bunch of good…

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Holy Lord, We’re the 2nd Longest Running Satire Site

“Holy tap-dancing Christ,” said editor Brian K. White on Monday, when he realized that is in fact the second longest running satire site on the internet. “There were so many greats that came before us, and sure it was…

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OJ Simpson Claims ‘Prison More Fun Since Jerry Sandusky Arrived’

Pennsylvania Penal System – ( Convict number 183996, also known as OJ Simpson, has confided to friends through his letters and censored emails that prison is now a lot more fun! In an article in Prison Life Magazine, the ex-football…

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Airports Taking Customers For More of a Ride Than Ever

Airports, seeking to get more money out of passengers exiting through their gates on international flights, have come up with inventive new ways of sucking the money out of their pockets. RIGHT: This is not a video, but a photo……

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