Holy Lord, We’re the 2nd Longest Running Satire Site

“Holy tap-dancing Christ,” said editor Brian K. White on Monday, when he realized that GlossyNews.com is in fact the second longest running satire site on the internet.

“There were so many greats that came before us, and sure it was just by a narrow margin, but they did beat us,” said White. “And I know a lot of the other ones fell [offline], but I didn’t realize it was down to just us and The Onion.”

Right: Image appears courtesy of Heather Gillam. Click to enlarge.

When Glossy News first came online in 2002, sites like BBSpot and BrokenNewz were going gangbusters, but since then, even brilliant sites like WatleyReview.com and PerplexingTimes.com have fallen silent.

Times change and satire sites rise and fall by the dozens-plus, but throughout it all only two sites have held steady. One has had a paid staff of dozens with plenty of corporate sponsorship, while the other has hung in there just out of… well, love for the game.

“Surely somebody has to have been online longer than GlossyNews.com,” said a friend of the editor’s who wished to remain nameless, but his name is Mark. “That can’t be right, is it?”

But a review of all the sites listed on DMOZ, the gold-standard of listings a decade ago, under the Satire heading all show either defunct pages pre-dating 2002, or active sites that are newer.

“Nope, I guess it’s us,” said White. “Even after all these years we’re still running three to six stories a day, and doing it from a wide variety of pretty damned talented authors,” adding, “bitches.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Which is a silly thing to call it since the whole story was written by the editor… Anyhow, in celebration of our ten-years online we’ll be doing wall-to-wall coverage on election day, with a new story posted every 20-30 minutes for the entire 24-hours. Come join us and watch dozens of writers fight to the death for a couple cash prizes. It should be an amazing day.


7 comments on “Holy Lord, We’re the 2nd Longest Running Satire Site

  1. Awesome! What? A guy can’t say a simple awesome without 200 other writers demanding a longer congratulations!? DON’T JUDGE ME!!!!

  2. The pic may be hot, but it’s also about five years old… that’s what happens when you farm out the graphics work. I’ve gained about 60-pounds since then, but to my credit, I’ve lost about 50 of it.

    • Oh Drudge Report. They are pretty hysterical, though maybe not in the ha-ha way. More like frightened little girls. Speaking of little girls, I'm pretty sure their website was made by a drunk school girl… in 1995.

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