Welcome to the Hotel Post-Bush Tax Cuts

Discount hotel chains nationwide plan to leave the light on for a new breed of budget-conscious traveler—America’s most wealthy citizens.

After Dr. Hamilton Lempert, a Cincinnati emergency room doctor, conveyed to NPR that expiration of the Bush tax cuts at the end of this year would result in a $20,000 personal tax hit and cause him “ … to decide what to do for vacation …”, economy hotels immediately blitzed advertising campaigns targeting the nouveau deprived.

For those for whom “A Little Rain Must Fall”, Super 88 plans installation of rainfall shower heads in all hotels located off the Interstate highways. Read more Welcome to the Hotel Post-Bush Tax Cuts


Eleven Things Todd Akin (R)ape Actually Believes

With all the unfair and fairly crazy stuff Todd Akin (R-Missouri) has said lately, it may be hard to keep a fair track of him, and what he believes.

Here is a handy guide to what Todd Akin actually believes. You can use this as your handy guide to whether you should contribute to him financially, or if you’re instead a sane person.

RIGHT: Todd Akin standing in front of perhaps the most apropos sign to describe the race for the senate in Missouri. (CLICK PHOTO TO ENLARGE)

Here is what Todd Akin actually believes:

  1. Pregnancy is actually caused by rabid storks.
  2. Rape is a liberal media conspiracy.
  3. Christians can “pray the rape away” if they just truly believe.
  4. That the GOP establishment is actually going to swoop in and save him.
  5. Rapes don’t deserve to be the object of consumer boycotts.
  6. Rape only happens between people of the same sex (which is why it can’t cause pregnancy).
  7. Tiny nits from the netherworld cause sin… yes, he believes this.
  8. Ball punches are only painful if you believe in them.
  9. That Mitt Romney is considering him as second runner up for Vice President.
  10. That he’s too sexy for his shirt.
  11. Prostitutes can’t get pregnant so they are safe havens, but only on weekdays.

This article also had contribution from Barb Weir and P. Beckert.


Election Update: Romney’s Brilliant Strategy to Win the Election

There are only a few more weeks until Election Day. Polls paint a bleak picture for Romney’s chances of winning the White House – which house is even lovelier than his ski chalet house in Park City, Utah, but not quite as lovely as his ocean-front house in La Jolla. But that’s not the point.

The point is that for weeks Romney has been playing defense thanks to some unfortunate gaffes like claiming that 47% of Americans are freeloading parasites, letting it slip that he and Vladimir Putin are longtime BFF pen pals, and accidentally admitting he is a New York Yankees fan (there goes the Massachusetts vote). Read more Election Update: Romney’s Brilliant Strategy to Win the Election


Mitt Romney Can’t Possibly Be That Dumb – Reaction From England

As the election campaign gathers pace, and the Republican Party appear to be exposing their inherent incompetency, a British correspondent expressed utter disbelief that any candidate for the Presidency, without doubt the most influential position in the world, could possibly be as idiotic as Mitt Romney.

“You’re kidding me! Right? Please tell me you’re joking. A candidate for the Presidency fails to grasp that you can’t open windows on an aircraft to let a bit of fresh air in?” asked Martin Shuttlecock, of Skoob News International. Read more Mitt Romney Can’t Possibly Be That Dumb – Reaction From England