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Curiosity Killed the Rover

GALE CRATER, MARS – The Curiosity Rover died yesterday while chasing an unidentified particle on Mars, the National Aeronautic and Space Agency reported at a press conference this morning. Physicists have not yet classified the particle that killed Curiosity, but…

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Tea Party’s Bold Plans to Eliminate the Debt Completely by Dec. 17th – Conclusion

Previously, I shared with you some bold new initiatives planned by America’s leading Tea Party politicians to wipe out the entire US Debt before the end of the year. Think of it as a gigantic Christmas present to America from…

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Things Kim Jong-Un Said on His Wedding Night

Kim Jong-Un was recently retro-actively married, and to a fine philly of a lady at that, assuming she’s not blood-related to him, which is a fairly big assumption indeed. The head of one of the most secretive states in the…

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Pre-Movie Announcement Advises Moviegoers to Put Kids on Silent

CASTLETON – Prior to its 5:35 screening of Alvin and the Chipmunks, a cinema today advised patrons to make sure all babies were switched off and that any children between the ages of 4 and 11 remain on silent throughout…

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