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Apple’s iBoob Set to Break Sales Records

Addressing a press conference at his corporate headquarters in California’s Silicone Valley, Steve Jobs, the company founder of Crapple, announced today that they has developed a breast implant that can store and play music. This is further being considered a…

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Depp Pirates Another Sexy Global Victory

Hollywood CA — People Magazine has ruled — Depp won! Pirates Beat Vampires! was the header online — with an eye-popping 6.3 million total votes cast! Johnny Depp, mid-40s, is the World’s Sexiest Man! Who were the contenders, aside from…

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Ask Hank: Trailer Park Pursuit

Dear Hank, I’m pretty sure my sister in law totally wants me. She’s gross, but I guess I’d still go make it happen if I thought my girl wouldn’t find out. Doesn’t matter. I’m conflicted. On the one hand it…

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Party Animal Gaddafi Goes Bonkers

Two hundred gold-digging Italian slappers bit off more than they could chew last Sunday night after answering a recruitment ad’ to attend a posh wine and dine shagfest do in the salubrious and elegant suburbs of exotic Rome. However canapés…

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The Advantage Small Government (in the epicenter of a Global Financial Crisis)?

Milton Friedman is a canonized saint (Nobel Prize) of modern economics, continuing a line laissez-faire, market-driven economy first started by Adam Smith. And culturally, America revered Friedman as a freedom fighter against the Soviet totalitarian expansions during the Cold War….

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