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Huckabee Secret Meeting With Robertson Revealed

Virginia Beach, Va. – Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee met in secret with Dr. Pat Robertson at his Regent University offices recently, and we’ve got the exclusive on this private meeting. At first glance, the meeting would seem to have been…

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Brazilian Brickie Returns from the Dead

A 69-year-old Brazilian man surprised the virtual ’life’ out of the entire family by turning up, albeit a bit late, for his own funeral, according to a bizarre report on page 85 of this week’s Resurrection Gazette. Family and relatives…

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Remembrance Sunday: Lest We Forget, You Know, Stuff

It is Sunday, November 8th and though Remembrance Day officially falls on the 11th of the month – to recall the end of World War One on that date in 1918 (and too the timely demise of Kaiser Bill’s Imperial…

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