Remembrance Sunday: Lest We Forget, You Know, Stuff

It is Sunday, November 8th and though Remembrance Day officially falls on the 11th of the month – to recall the end of World War One on that date in 1918 (and too the timely demise of Kaiser Bill’s Imperial Germany and Otto von Bismarck’s well-designed bully-boy militarist state) – we have evolved the habit of observing and commemorating this occasion upon the closest Sabbath for enhanced devotional and ritualistic effect.

So, all and sundry – from the Highest Panjandrum – the Monarch Herself and her brood of scrounging slack-jawed inbred brats – and ginger minger cuckoos infesting the regal nest – down through the ranks of our corrupt government comprised of kleptocrats and Zionist puppets whose hands are forever stained with the blood of others – are assembled around the Cenotaph in Whitehall, adorned with poppies and medals.

Duly saluting alongside these posturing pariahs are the real men who did take part in those sanguine conflicts and blood-thirsty slaughters. The Chelsea Pensioners and military types of every ilk from the entire Commonwealth – well, what remains of it – down to the Boy Scouts and Cubs, the Girl Guides and Brownies, and the massed steel bands of the Townswomen’s Guild.

All kitted out in pomp and finery – and solemn-faced – to what? – To Remember – Lest we Forget.

Did I take part? NO! Why, might you ask? With sixteen years of ‘active’ military service under my belt and a veteran of several foreign wars surely I qualify – Harumph!

The credo states “Lest we Forget”. That was drafted shortly after the 1918 Armistice – ninety-one years ago – and carved into every remembrance memorial and cenotaph erected across the country.

And what did we do in 1939? – Completely forgot – did it yet again – and snuffed a few million more.
This was no Greater European regional squabble but a real ‘World-Wide War’ conflict that culminated in the creation of the meanest weapons of nuclear mass destruction – and distraction – since the Fertile Crescent and Indus Valley civilizations atomised themselves several Millenniums back.

Okay, here we go – the tried and trusted excuse – World War Two – blame Hitler and the Nazis – someone had to stop them – so it was up to jolly old England yet again. Sorry, no – they should have been nipped in the bud long before they ever got to the re-arming stage (backed by Western financial institutions and Dubya’s grand-daddy Prescott Bush).

The Treaty of Versailles should have been drawn up in an equitable and magnanimous manner and not pushed the rats into the corner from where there was no deliverance or dispensation – or alternative – but to break their bonds.

And for what – a Thousand Year Reich that lasted a mere twelve years. Not quite the distance the Aryan Ubermench had prophesied

Lest we Forget. Well, apart from WW2 we had a 45 year Cold War and the perpetual threat of nuclear annihilation, with Korea, Vietnam, and a score more of minor conflicts around the globe in between – plus the illegal wars of direct aggression that are still raging in Iraq and Afghanistan that Tony Bliar and Dubya Bush dragged us into at the behest of their Zionist Masters.

Oh yes, Afghanistan – where they grow the ubiquitous Remembrance Day poppies – with the British troops now guarding them for the Illuminati drugs cartel.

So, while we were all busy ‘Remembering’ this particular Sunday morning and observing the requisite couple of minutes silence here in the UK – heads dutifully bowed as a bugler sounded the ‘Last Post’ – I doubt anybody heard the sharp crack of the Kalashnikov 7.62 mm assault rifle that discharged a round that just snuffed the ’Unknown Soldier’ of the UK’s 4th Battalion, The Cannon Fodder Regiment, in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province.

No, a bit too far away to hear the shriek as the full metal jacket round struck home. Thus I doubt that if no-one here actually heard the rifle’s crack, nor the Squaddie’s scream, that they also missed the protracted susurrant ‘shhhhh’ as the zip was slid closed around his body bag.

But don’t worry son, we’ll all ‘Remember’ you next year : same time – same place – poppy included – free of charge.

Lest we Forget. Alas, we forgot – and now worship our own hypocrisies as we knowingly allow a rogue and illegal state – Israel – to practice genocide against the genuine historical owners of Palestine on a day to day basis in Gaza and at all other points within Netanyahu’s Zionist political terror machine.

Lest we Forget. The UN’s Goldstone report condemning Israel’s bully boy festive season genocidal slaughter of the civilian population of Gaza – of anyone old enough to scream and bleed during the last Christmas and New Year holiday period – has been decried by Netanyahu and his band of Ashkenazi Satanist cohorts and cronies – who are currently burning the midnight oil to pull all stops to ensure no fucker or their dog ever ‘’Remembers’ anything about it.

Tel Aviv’s ruling mafia are, as we type the written word – coordinating with their Zionist puppets inside the governments of the U.S., the U.K. and France – to ensure the Security Council veto’s – with extreme prejudice – the 114 countries and Arab League nations decision to adopt the resolutions of the Goldstone Report and the contents therein condemning Israel for War Crimes against the Palestinians of Gaza – which amount to Crimes Against Humanity – and to ensure the report is never referred to the International Court of Justice in the Hague – or even sees the light of day – perhaps just the light of a gas oven’s flames.

And that ends today’s lecture – amen. Lest we Forget. Alas we did – total amnesia – a case of Galloping Alzheimer’s – and shall never be truly worthy to Remember the fallen (1066 – and on – Crecy and Agincourt, War of the Roses, the 100 Years War etc all included) until we put an end to our inherent human vanity and greed – and congenital stupidity.

Until we – as an international caring ‘global’ community – censor and prosecute the world’s despots, ethnic cleansers and genocidal mass murderers to face Judgement for their heinous war crimes – and no special deals or dispensations for Baron Rothschild’s pet project – Israel.

Until we, as a people and individuals – can regard our reflection in the mirror and pronounce – with a clear conscience – I did not forget.

Author: Rusty

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