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10th Body Unearthed in Gosselin Basement

Authorities are now searching for the murder weapon(s), believed to be incessant nagging and/or ill-advised hair plugs.

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Editor at Washington Post Claims “Charticle” is Last Straw

All hell broke loose over at the Washington Post last Friday when features editor, Henry Allen, shoved and punched one of the Post’s Style writers, who called him a very naughty name that rhymes with rockpucker. Allen was less than…

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Middle Kingdom (China) Makes Green Energy 1st, Holds the Lead

Chinese car maker BWB today announced it is about to release a prototype electric vehicle capable of revolutionizing the world of motoring. Senior BWB (Big Wheel Barrow) design engineer Dr. Flip Flop Fong – the man responsible for power steering…

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2003 Photo of Cheney May Explain Plame ID Outing

Since 2003, many groups have claimed that Dick Cheney was the person at the forefront of leaking the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame to the media, thereby blowing her cover and forcing her to end a long and successful…

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