Centrist ‘Tolerance’ Has its Limitations… ?! Surely Not!

The first time a sentry sees a barbarian marauding towards him with fangs bared, he shoots him dead on sight.

At your first glance of a bad faith interlocutor, you should act likewise; but with the arms of the spirit, and not the flesh.

So here’s a good example:

“Look at me, I’m so tolerant!”

Let’s look at some of the things you woke centrists are ‘tolerant of.’

Endless wars of humanitarian aggression, based on fake news!

Mass surveillance, hounding of whistleblowers like Julian Assange, Edward Snowden and all those Courage Foundation folks!

Misogynistic religious extremists, at home and abroad, who harm children, women, LGBT individuals and people from religious minorities, while you’re getting all worked up about manspreading.

The systematic undermining of National Sovereignty by global or regional institutions like the EU, as well as NATO, ‘human rights NGOs’ and humanitarian enterpreneurs.

Now I am quite sure this is NOT an exhaustive list.

Anyway. More to the point! Anyone for some more…

Centrist Tolerance?!


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