Liberty Snippets #1: What’s Wrong With Being Divisive?

Conflict chaos

#1 Liberty is Not Love.

Liberty is not love.

Liberty is a hammer I use to demolish the birdcage of every foul and putrid idol of the forum.

Let freedom blaze! 🖤

#2 Is it Better to Unite or to Divide?

The Charlottesville Nazis said ‘Jews will not replace us.’

Stalin hated splitters.

Mao hated bourgeois roaders.

And splitters, once again!

Muhammad hated kaffirs and munafiqun.


Martin Luther King was intolerant.

Jesus was exclusionary.

The Quilliam Foundation scholars are undiverse.

Guru Nanak caused scandals and division wherever he went.

#3 ‘Muh Public Spirit’ is Not an Argument Against ‘The Profit Motive’ in Healthcare

If you’re prepared to say,

“I will fight to the last drop of blood to stop the profit motive from entering public healthcare,” then there is something missing from your argument.

You are obliged to explain why the profit motive is bad in the context of healthcare. ‘Duh! Well isn’t it obvious?’ or ‘STFU! It’s just common sense, you f***kin’ Koch-Nazi!’ just don’t cut it.

If you say ‘the profit motive’ has no place in public healthcare, and, in addition, you can articulate a motive for why, then we can begin to have a serious discussion.

‘Muh public spirit’ just doesn’t cut it.

You need to articulate a reason for the views you hold, and be specific.

I will add in passing that Single Payer vs Private Healthcare is a false dilemma; there is more than one possible alternative here. False dichotomies only get in the way.

And finally…

#4 Quick Question: Liberal and Illiberal Authoritarianism


What do Nazi Germany, Canada, the Islamic State, North Korea, post-Vichy France and Khmer Rouge Cambodia all have in common?

The view that:

“ ____ DEMANDS accountability!”

Now what could I possibly be thinking about here…?

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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