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Julian Assange “Shocked” to Discover Himself Leaking His Own Escape Plan

The freedom fighter Julian Assange has hit out at himself for leaking his own escape route from the Ecuadorian embassy.

He said he had no idea how the plans came came to be posted on the internet, although he admitted posting them on Facebook last night.

“I will be bringing the full force of the law against myself,” he said. “It was only by a miracle that I stumbled upon myself leaking this document last night.” Read the full story


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Who Gives a Wiki?

A recent poll has shown that over 95% of the world population neither knows nor cares about the site ‘wikileaks’

In research carried out by the ‘Blue Sky Black Heart’ think tank has shown that nobody really cares about the site and 98% of people have never even visited the website, some even confused it with Wikipedia.

Wikileaks has been in the spotlight again recently because its founder Julian Assange has just been granted asylum in Ecuador (where? I know, right?). And he has asked that the US give up its ‘War on Whistle-blowers’ as they can be way ‘too loud’. Read the full story


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UK Says Battering Ram Unlikely In Assange Case

UK officials insist they are not considering a battering ram against the front door of the Ecuador Embassy in London, where Julian Assange’s asylum has recently been extended to the country of Ecuador itself.

It’s important, UK officials say, to note the importance of this case, and what a dangerous criminal Assange is. He is being investigated for deliberately breaking not one, but two, condoms in his affairs with two Swedish women. Read the full story


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WikiLeaks Reveals Newt-Mitt Meeting Details

Normally talkative sources from campaigns Gingrich and Romney remain silent on a recent summit between the two bitter rivals. Characterized by both camps as more a social ‘let bygones be bygones’ affair, the meeting has left election watchers wondering whether more than genteel rapprochements were exchanged. Suggestions of a quite different meeting were revealed this week, via a totally unexpected source. Read the full story


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WikiLeaks Apologizes for Accidentally Releasing Everyone’s E-mail

LONDON – The anti-secrecy organization WikiLeaks  today issued a public apology for what it termed a “programming error” that resulted in the accidental release of all deleted messages of the world’s e-mail users.

“We sincerely regret this error,” WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said in the statement, “and we apologize to all those who may be affected by this unfortunate release of their previously private electronic communications.” Read the full story


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CableGate Leak: Gaddafi’s Pen Pal is Obama

The latest round of CableGate documents to filter out from the sexually embattled whistle blower site Wikileaks has Arab leaders in disbelief. According to the published cables, there is a direct connection between the Libyan Leader Muammar* Gadhafi and the United States president Barack Hussein Obama. Read the full story


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Wonki-Leak #264: FOX News E-mail Instructs Interns on ‘Doctoring’ the Truth

WONKI-LEAKS #264 Our team of ever intrepid hackers have recently managed to intercept the following instructions being given to new FOX interns via e-mail as they help the massive television and radio giant prepare the scripted material for their pundits and ‘reporters’:

The basic maxim to the type of journalism that FOX News specializes in is- ‘You can dig up dirt on anyone.’ This should be memorized and utilized every day in your investigations. Read the full story


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Wikileaks Founder Charged w/ Molesting Dozens of Political Careers

Washington 0500hrs: Creepy-looking founder of Wikileaks and alleged evil genius, Julian Assange, has officially been charged by prosecutors in Florida with molesting at least 26 political careers over the course of a single week last year.

The controversial figurehead and former computer hacker, currently under house arrest in England, claims the allegations are preposterous. “I did not assault these diplomats,” declared Assange, as he left court with his barrister, Geoffrey Robertson QC. Read the full story


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New Wikileaks Revelations are Worst Yet

It now appears to observers that Wikileaks is a powerful and permanent force in world affairs. The apprehension of founder Julian Asshinge has become a call to arms for hundreds of anonymous kindred spirits. The bell has tolled on the farewell to governmental secrecy.

The most recent document dump is considered particularly damning. A secret so shocking has been revealed, even author Dan Brown considers it ‘a bit far-fetched.’ Read the full story


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Glossy News Implicated In Wikileaks Treason Scandal

Office Of Homeland Security,
Washington, D.C.

To the Editor Brian K. White,

In the latest Wikileaks exposure, a document has been released that we find to be very disturbing. It is a missive sent via what are supposed to be classified channels from one of your ‘staff’, a Mr. Rfreed, to the Republican spokeswoman Sarah Palin. Read the full story


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Wikileaks Insider Leak: Assange is Developing Nuclear Capabilities

United States intelligence sources are claiming that Wilileaks Founder, Julian Assange’s recent release of highly sensitive cables is just the tip of the iceberg of what Assange is truly capable of. They paint the picture of a man who considers himself to be one of the most important figures in shaping the way the countries of the world relate to each other. Read the full story


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WikiLeaks Revelation: Iranian President “Some Kind of F’d Up Elf”

Sydney, Australia (BNSE): Wikileaks, the controversial Australian based organization which recently rocked the American intelligence community with the release of thousands of classified documents linked to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, has sent shock waves again with the release of extraordinary documents detailing the shadowy background of Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Read the full story


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