REGIME CHANGE! African ‘Coalition of the Willing’ Swears to Save Oppressed French, Restore Human Rights

Don’t worry, Paris: help is at hand!
Your old friends, Africa, will not forget you!
Human rights are universal!
All oppressors who deny human rights must be crushed without mercy!

Given the widespread oppression and state terror the ruthlessly violent and unaccountable Macron regime is weaponizing against the valiant freedom fighters of the Yellow Jackets (Gilets Jaunes), a courageous and deeply altruistic alliance of humanitarian interventionists from former French colonies have formed a intrepid coalition of the willing…
In order to liberate the persecuted French people from the barbaric, ruthless, ignorant and violent First World dictators who are treating them like garbage! Read more REGIME CHANGE! African ‘Coalition of the Willing’ Swears to Save Oppressed French, Restore Human Rights


TIME TO BOMB FRANCE! A Modest Proposal on Macron & The Yellow Jackets

Wow, it sounds like the European Spring is just leading to more and more state brutality and oppression of the French people!
France is a failed state, and in order to fulfil its responsibilities to the international community, maybe it needs a regime change!
Bit o’ good old humanitarian intervention and nation building would do ’em a world of good!

Read more TIME TO BOMB FRANCE! A Modest Proposal on Macron & The Yellow Jackets


Chapter 26: Snowflake Stormtroopers (Honest Adolph Volume III)

Saul had not yet heard about the terrible events from last night. He was planning to pay a visit to the Thatchers later in the day; for now, he was commiserating with Adams about his poor showing the previous night.

‘Do you think it is possible, Saul?’ Adolph said.

Saul nodded gently. Read more Chapter 26: Snowflake Stormtroopers (Honest Adolph Volume III)


Chapter 1: Let Freedom Blaze! (Honest Adolph Novel Serial, Volume 2)

Senator Willow twitched nervously as she faced the camera.

‘Where is Otis?’ she wondered. ‘Thank God that tricksy guy isn’t here tonight.’

Thunder flickered in the distance. The storm was over. Read more Chapter 1: Let Freedom Blaze! (Honest Adolph Novel Serial, Volume 2)


Coalition of a Hundred Countries goes to War for Regime Change in the United States

Dateline: MOSCOW, Year Three After Trump—Three years into Trump’s presidency, a “new coalition of the willing,” of over a hundred countries led by Russia, China, and Europe declared war on Trump’s “rogue regime,” citing in a public statement: “the lunacy of allowing the American nuclear arsenal to be controlled by a manifestly insane and senile president, a dysfunctional Congress, and a delusional or apathetic American public.”

“The situation is just like George W. Bush’s declaration of war on Saddam’s Iraq,” said Putin at a press conference in Moscow, speaking for the Coalition. “Except that unlike Saddam, Trump actually has stockpiles of WMDs. We, too, seek regime change in defense of civilization itself. But this time the regime that must be eliminated by preventative military action is obviously Trump’s in the United States.”

When reminded that Trump never gassed his own people, whereas Saddam gassed the Kurds in 1988, Putin said, “Yes, but remember that time when Trump ordered that all the bridges in the United States be firebombed, because Trump had heard a rumour that a guy named Fred Bridgeman in South Dakota had called him fat? Remember how Trump had targeted bridges solely because that fellow had the word ‘bridge’ in his last name? And remember how Trump had neglected to warn the commuters, so that the bridges were destroyed along with the millions of Americans who were in the process of driving across them?

“Or remember that time when in broad daylight Trump raped a journalist in the middle of a White House press conference and then bizarrely denied that he had done so, calling the video evidence provided by the hundreds of cameras present ‘a big lie cooked up by failing news companies’?

“Or how about that time when Donald Trump ordered a nuclear strike against South Korea, mixing up the South with the North?

“Yeah, there’s only so much insanity and instability a civilized world can stand.”

Putin was pressed about why Russia would join the New Coalition of the Willing when Russia reportedly had personal leverage against Trump. Putin reminded the questioner that he had played his “Trump card, so to speak,” but it had backfired.

“You remember when we leaked the golden showers video, so to speak (again). Trump was caught with Russian prostitutes and we added that footage to the financial kompromat we had on him. When we secretly ordered Trump to help Russia take back our territories in Eastern Europe and he refused, we sent the video to Wikileaks. But after the world saw Trump with the pissing prostitutes, Trump said it wasn’t him but an actor with a bad wig.

“And that was that. The media went on to the next Trump scandal, since there was a new one every five minutes. We never bothered revealing the financial conflicts of interest Trump has with foreign banks, because most Americans wouldn’t understand them or care. For the same reason, the U.S. government doesn’t attempt to prosecute Goldman Sachs or other colossal banks for fraud, because the complexity of the case would put a jury to sleep.”

Putin was asked whether he thinks the Coalition can possibly defeat the American military machine. “Of course we can,” said Putin. “For decades, Americans have fought only fake wars against pipsqueaks like Saddam, terrorists in caves, or Stalinists in Grenada in 1983. Americans love to consume toys for their pleasure, not to make war. They’ll quickly surrender and the world will breathe a sigh of relief to be rid of Trump.”

For his part, a defiant Trump dared the Coalition to invade the United States. “Let them come!” he said at a Rose Garden press conference, holding a machine gun, his nose covered in cocaine. “Then they can say hello to my little friend!” There was tittering in the press pool and Trump said, “No, not my junk—which I can assure you all is yuge. This machine gun I’m holding—this is the little friend I meant. And the rest of the world can say hello to it. When they get here.”