Corbyn-Boris-Pact? Twitter Explodes with Nasty Antisemitic Slurs…


Boris Johnson is now UK PM, but it seems that after years of vile antisemitic flaming and trolling from the Corbyn Cult, many Boris fans seem to be taking the low road with the nasty ‘Cabal’ slur. Unclear how many of the accounts are actually supporters of either person, and how many are domestic or foreign intel psyops from the wide range of countries across at least six contingents with serious interests in this election. Either way, let’s hope the antisemitism nonsense simmers down soon.


Here’s a dude who doesn’t like ‘cabals’ conspiring agains the working class. Or indeed, a ‘cabal’ that undermine British sovereignty.


So we got one guy here who doesn’t like the Corbyn cult, with the constant swirl of antisemitism allegations; but he unwisely uses the term ‘Brexit Cabal.’ Seems a lot of intelligent professionals ain’t got the memo yet, and are blissfully ignorant of the origin of the term.


Have Labour been infiltrated by dark-hued business owners who want to sell the country out to a ‘billionaire cabal?’ Historical illiteracy strikes again!

Burns Night

A friend of the Bard makes a ‘sick’ burn… Parasites and vermin who support a cabal? Move along, nothing to see here!

Season’s Greetings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A cutesy snowman goes full Jack Frost here…

Apparently, the best way to oppose ‘FAR RIGHT GRAND WIZARD RACISTS’ is to use the historically questionable term ‘cabal.’ Who knew???

Land of Confusion

Doesn’t like Labour Antisemitism, but doesn’t like cabals either. Please Britain, let’s teach the history of certain words a bit more rigorously.


Greek Tragedy

European solidarity for Brexit, more precisely Greek, many of whom feel aggrieved by their treatment by Brussels. Not very pleasant to Jews though. A tone-deaf comment, from another guy seemingly ignorant of the history of the term he just used.

Well, that’s more than enough antisemitic assholery for one election!

Disclaimer: Neither I nor anyone at Glossy News are accusing any of the people quoted above of BEING intentionally antisemitic. This is not about individual character or attitudes, but about inappropriate vocabulary which, whether intentionally or unintentionally, may risk empowering antisemites of the left and right alike. I am merely pointing out that the word ‘Cabal’ is deeply unhelpful, and even if the person using it does not intend to be antisemitic, it’s still a term that for certain historical reasons, is best not used.

Also, the article is the writer’s own personal views, not those of Glossy News.


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