5 Mindfulness Activities Parents Can Do With Their Children


As a parent, you should introduce mindful practices in the lives of your kids from a tender age. This way, they grow up self-aware and mindful. Many kids grow up with no concept of mindfulness, and this is a skill that gets harder to learn as a child grows older.
Many school-going kids struggle with stress because they have no idea how to handle disappointments and frustrations. When you involve your kids in mindful activities, they learn how to get out of their heads and interact with the real world. This makes overcoming painful experiences easier.
Letting your child too much screen time is not good for their mental health. Make time for playtime and other hands-on activities. Something as simple as involving your kids as you bake cookies goes a long way in ensuring they develop as well-rounded individuals.
The more mindful your kids become, the easier it is for them to interact with their immediate environment. As a college student, you need to make use of writing services like Domyhomework123.com to ensure you’re more present in life’s moments.


1. Breathing Exercise

Meditation is an essential mindful activity you should introduce your kids to. The beauty of it is that it’s as simple as sitting down and focusing on one thing. Set aside time to sit down with your kids and teach them how to focus on their breathing. For many kids, sitting still is anything but simple. This means that you’ll have to be patient and consistent for this to work.
Consider being in an environment with color. Colorful pillows work perfectly for such a setup. Also, download soothing music so that you and your kids can focus on the sound of music as you exercise breathing.

2. Nature Walks

Nature walks go beyond just appreciating nature’s beauty, check here to know why is so important to take this certification and still have time to bond with your kids. The calming nature of the outdoor environment makes it easy for your kids to open up about something that’s bothering.
Consider taking your kids for a nature walk every day after school. This way, you get to talk about their day and any significant experience they had in school. Even though you’ll just be walking, this is an excellent way of exercising the body. Your kid will appreciate the endorphins their brains release from the exercise.

3. Positive Mission Statements

Repeating a mantra might seem silly, but it does a lot for the confidence of a child. Find positive mission statements to say together with their kids. As a parent, you need to use every opportunity to affirm your kids and tell them they’re enough just as they are.
Nothing gives a child the confidence to face another day in school than saying a positive mission statement with their parent. Ensure they are carefully chosen words that are easy to remember. This way, your child can repeat these mantras to themselves even while they’re alone.

4. Teach your Child to Talk about Gratitude

Many parents have covered all bases when it comes to teaching kids to use polite words like “sorry” and “thank you.” However, many forget to teach their kids to talk about gratitude. Gratitude goes beyond saying thank you to people who’re good to you. Teach your kids how to appreciate everything they have access to. Sit around a table with the kids, and everyone should hard their turn to say what they’re grateful for.

5. Embracing all Emotions

As much as you’d want your child to have a painless life, you know all too well that they’re bound to have bad days. Teach your child to embrace every emotion they experience. Denial is not a good way, no deal with hurtful feelings.


These mindful activities can ensure you raise a self-aware kid. As a parent, you need to make time to spend time with your kids and have an impact on their lives.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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