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Sharpen Your Pens! Glossy News Wants Your Poems… & Here are a Few Examples to Whet your Appetites!

Glossy News has plenty of room for poetry: serious poetry, yes, but especially satire! Or sometimes even serious (i.e. sober satire). Email the managing editor on if you want to contribute. Here are a few ideas to set you…

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You Marxists Bound to Lose! (Woody Guthrie)

Woody Guthrie‘s You Fascists Bound to Lose is a true classic. It later inspired a Billy Bragg song, which someone has presented on Youtube with an apparently pro Communist video.

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Starving Artists call the Internet a Vast Communist Conspiracy

Millions of underemployed or out-of-work citizens of Canada, Europe, and the United States took to the streets to protest the internet as a vast communist conspiracy. Moreover, many Westerners are flocking to China, praising its pervasive censorship of the internet…

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