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Freedom of Speech is Not Up for Debate (Memes)

There’s always some excuse.

‘Hate speech is not freedom of speech!’

‘Historical denialism is not freedom of speech!’

‘Blasphemy is not freedom of speech!’

The problem is…

One you start going down that path, there really is no bottom!

Image result for freedom of speech wallace runnymede

Image result for freedom of speech wallace runnymede


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We Can Justify Making Saudi Arabia Our Ally for the Same Reasons as Nazi Germany

1. An alliance with Nazi Germany could have provided us with excellent anti-Soviet intel.

2. Economics-wise, Germany was hard to overlook. Plenty of rich carbon resources; in the short to medium term, a significant player in the world economy up to now. Read the full story


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Israel Forces Palestinians In The Occupied Territories To Wear Yellow Star Of David

Israel, in its constant repression and controlling of the Palestinians living in the areas of the West Bank and Gaza that they keep a tight control over, have started forcing Palestinians to wear a yellow cloth Star Of David on their clothing so that they are easier to identify in public.

Critics have stated that this action is reminiscent of the Nazi’s forcing the Jews in Germany during World War II to also wear a star of David to identify themselves, to which Israeli authorities have replied “Nah, we just do it to humiliate them and to make them a better target for ridicule and abuse. Read the full story


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Lost Documents Suggest…Hitler Was Colorblind

Berlin, Germany-(SatireWorld.com)

A recently discovered trove of unseen secret documents dating from the Nazi era disclosed a secret that many allied intelligence services might have overlooked.

According to a doctor’s report concerning the eyesight of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, the Fuerher was color blind and couldn’t distinguish between light hued colors. In fact, he was totally color blind. Read the full story


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The Comic Book of Anne Frank

AMSTERDAM (GlossyNews) — The Anne Frank House Museum, hoping to bring the lesson of Frank’s life and death to a new base of readers, launched the publication of the historic diary as a comic book. Spokeswoman Annemarie Bekker said the book is aimed at teenagers who might not otherwise read Anne Frank’s diary.

Bekker said, “Anne Frank wrote the diary between the ages of 13 and 15. Unfortunately, children today between the ages of 13 and 15 can’t read. So, we felt turning her gruesome tragedy into a comic book was the only way to get 21st century teens to understand the events of World War II. Which is, in itself, almost as tragic.”


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Hitler Found Living in Mexico with Conjoined Jewish Twins

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (GlossyNews) — Shocking reports out of Mexico City suggest that Adolf Hitler is alive and has been cohabitating with conjoined Jewish twins Golda and Miriam Slotski since 1962. “I saw him. I swear I did. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I definitely saw him,” insisted Elvis impersonator, Joel Dixon. Read the full story


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Documents Show Auschwitz Death Camp Doctors Living on Food Stamps

WARSAW, Poland (GlossyNews) — Archaeologists working to better understand the reign of Hitler and his Third Reich have discovered food coupons for some of the notorious SS doctors at the Auschwitz death camp, including the sadistic Dr. Joseph Mengele. Read the full story


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The Funny Side of WW2 – Que?

According to a recent survey undertaken by the government’s Ministry for Wasting Time and Money the British youth of the 21st Century are possessed by a plethora of misconceptions concerning Germany, World War Two, the Nazi party and the Holohoax.

A full ten out of ten teenagers (boys, girls and budding transvestites) surveyed unanimously agreed that Adolf Hitler – the only man to ever look good Read the full story


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