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WTF?! Sacha Baron-Cohen’s Psychologist Cousin Makes HORRENDOUS Autism Gaffe! Please share!

What’s the worst Godwin fail you’ve heard all year? There’s a lot of it about, but I am quite sure you’ll all have no trouble agreeing that the story that’s about to follow is one of the worst you’ve heard…

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Alt-Right Lunatic Richard Spencer Commences ‘Eastern Strategy’ of Soviet Apologetics

I hear the Alt-Right are now borrowing tips from their fellow radical socialists, the Tankies: Hitler wasn’t a REAL Nazi. Hitler would obviously have been nicer if it wasn’t for his enemies boxing him into a corner! You’re against Hitler?…

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If Only Stalin and Hitler Had Learned SJW Tactics! (Memes, NSFS — Not Safe For Snowflakes)

SJWs and pomos are often compared to fascists and Stalinists… Such accusations are hardly without their basis in reality.

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Republication of Mein Kampf Hate Tract Isn’t a Disaster… The Original Publication was a Disaster

Not long ago I made a comment below a certain article about the republication of Mein Kampf in Germany: It runs as follows (slightly edited):

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