CIA Hymnbook: Government Beatitudes (VII)

war middle east

Blessed are the poor in Syria,
For our planes shall hurl down hellfire.

Blessed are those in Mosul,
For they shall be cremated.

Blessed are the Muslims,
For they shall descend into the earth.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst in Yemen,
For they shall be killed.

Blessed are the Mujahideen,
For they shall obtain money.

Blessed are those in rural Helmand,
For they shall see our bombs.

Blessed are the warmongers,
For we shall be called the gods of war.

Blessed are those who are lauded for our courage on CNN,
For ours is the Empire, the power and the glory;
For ever and ever,
Bomb Yemen!

Image attribution:

By MSGT Howard J. Farrell, US Marine Corps –;jsessionid=7A9D938F468B91AFAE8F2B408DEA455B#guid=8decbdc85984fe187ea88fc787d1cab43b79b14d, Public Domain, Link

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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