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Somewhere In The Kremlin

NOTE FROM WALLACE: Here’ s a great cartoon from rfreed! What would a Kremlin troublemaker do?

WTF?! Click now to find out more! Somewhere In The Kremlin
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CIA Hymnbook: Government Beatitudes (VII)

Blessed are the poor in Syria, For our planes shall hurl down hellfire. Blessed are those in Mosul, For they shall be cremated.

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Beltway Guerrilla (Hawkwind Parody)

Wallace Runnymede has written a parody of Hawkwind’s classic ‘Urban Guerrilla.’ But so far, he is still breathing. Wonder why? 😉 I’m a Beltway guerrilla Trade wars to the highest seller I’m a tinpot Godzilla Universal kiddy-killer   I’m a…

WTF?! Click now to find out more! Beltway Guerrilla (Hawkwind Parody)