CIA Hymnbook (VI): Satanic Psalm 23 (The Government’s my Saviour)

1 The government’s my saviour; I shall not dissent.
2 He telleth me lies of great imposture; he swiftly stealeth from me, yet still he launders.
3 He robbeth me of my soul: he lures me into his pitiful self-righteousness for his own name’s sake.
4 Yea, though I walk ‘neath the shadow of a saddening drone, I will fear no evil: for thine arts deceive me; thy propaganda and thy rhetoric shall comfort me.
5 Thou destroyest a people before me in the presence of thine MIC; thou anointest their head with napalm; their skulls run over with innocent blood.
6 Surely booty and murder shall follow us all the remaining days of our lives; and we shall abide in hell with our government forever.

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