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Fox News Forge Anti-Labour Party Screed (2/2)

Here’s more of the same.

And it’s not often I say that about Fox News!

To be frank, I have no doubt in my mind that many individuals in Labour are horrified at how our party is being occupied by militarists and imperialists.

But the fact remains that whatever the character and opinions of individual Labour members may be, their voices are not likely to prevail, for now… Read the full story


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Teenager Opens Fire on Wayne LaPierre, Sean Hannity

National Rifle Association CEO and gun-rights martyr Wayne LaPierre likely was not expecting to be shot at as he celebrated the day after Gun Appreciation Day by shooting off his mouth with Sean Hannity on the Fox Comedy Network.

LaPierre said he considered Gun Appreciation Day a “big victory” for unsuspecting Americans in places like North Carolina, Indiana and Ohio, who came to pro-gun rallies to celebrate their 2nd Amendment freedom, not to shoot themselves. Read the full story


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Sean Hannity Accuses Democratic National Convention of Liberal Bias

NEW YORK, NY – As the Democratic National Convention continued in Charlotte Thursday, Fox News presenter and political commentator Sean Hannity accused members of the Democratic Party of displaying liberal bias in the vast majority of its speeches, policies and sentiment.

The outspoken broadcaster, known for defending the ideology of the Republican Party, insisted that the convention’s organizers “played it safe” by intentionally only inviting liberal speakers, such as Bill Clinton, Michelle Obama and Joe Biden. Read the full story


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Herman Cain Carries Flag for the Democrats

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA — Television viewers were quick to spot former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain minutes after the 2012 Democratic National Convention gaveled to order.

The Tea Party favorite presented the colors as a member of the Disabled American Veterans, The Stanly County Chapter 12 Honor Guard.

Mr. Cain — who worked as a civilian for the U.S. Department of the Navy — was asked the obvious. Read the full story


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Yet Another Outbreak of Rabies at FOX News

MINOT, North Dakota (GlossyNews) — The recent outbreak of rabies, the madness inducing disease spread by biting that has infected the major stars of Fox News Station, has spread far beyond the confines of their offices. In a new evolution of the disease it appears that it has the ability to leap over the airwaves and infect its listeners, turning them into politically monotonic drones, much like brainless zombies constantly ranting the same tired phrases over and over. Read the full story


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Virulent Rabies Outbreak At Fox News

A virulent outbreak of rabies was reported today at Fox News Headquarters. The horrible madness inducing disease appears to have spread through the top hosts of the station, then been transmitted to station employees and, strangely, even to their listeners. The initiation of the epidemic seems to have started with Sean Hannity who, in the middle of his show, started foaming at the mouth.

“This was nothing unusual with him.” stated Red Bigneck. Read the full story


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Right Wingers Send The Obamanator Back In Time To Set Things Right

January 2013- Republicans, their plans for world domination foiled by the overwhelming win in the presidential election that again brought Barack Obama to the throne of the most powerful country in the world, are upset. In anger over their bitter loss, the right wingers have initiated a plan to return them to power. Pooling their vast resources into a secret project overseen by the Halliburton Robotics Division they have invested great time, energy and money into building a specialized cyborg to go back in time and rid the world of Obamaism. Read the full story


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