Republication of Mein Kampf Hate Tract Isn’t a Disaster… The Original Publication was a Disaster

Not long ago I made a comment below a certain article about the republication of Mein Kampf in Germany:

It runs as follows (slightly edited):

Europeans should be too smart to condone book burnings.

Haven’t we all moved on a bit from the days of Torquemada?

Get the books out there, get all the haters out there, use logic and reason to refute them, and a heavy dose of rhetoric and ridicule when you’re screamin out for the gravy, and let ’em have it!

Hand the fascists their proverbials on a plate!

Befriend your evil…

Embrace it!

There shouldn’t have to be a false choice between fascist Nazis and fascist book burners.

To this I can only add:

What do ISIS terrorists, Nazis and Regressive Leftists all have in common?

An intolerance for rational discussion.

They want arguments they don’t agree with to be censored.

Similarly, the French State passed the Marxist Gayssot Laws some time ago.

This strategy of resorting to state violence against Holocaust denialists, rather than meeting them on the battlefield of argumentation, has almost certainly not helped France’s racism problems, including the horrendous plague of antisemitism which has left many Jews looking to make aliyah, so that they can leave behind their fears and worries as best ever they may.

The republication of Hitler’s repugnant Mein Kampf hate tract is a victory for freedom of speech over authoritarian brutality and barbarism.

Let’s all work together to make sure hate speech is not artifically clusterbombed by state paternalists, but gloriously vanquished on the field of battle.

Hand them their arses on a plate!

Or as Mussolini’s fellow charismatic Italian working class hero, Mario, might say:



Author: Wallace Runnymede

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