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As I just commented to some friends on Facebook about this HORRIBLE article…

We have to do something about the plague of #altliterarycritique!

We truly are in a post-Derridean age, where arbitrary social constructs just don’t matter any more, and anyone can just push their so-called FACTS on us without expecting some sort of radical deconstructive pushback. Read the full story


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Ebook Update: Ivory Tower Satire, & a Bit of Poetry!

Two more satire ebooks are coming out on May 31. Pre-order now!


Professor Smiggles & The New Intellectual Warfare (Gang of Sneers Volume 2)
Yes, this is a series! For Gang of Sneers Volume 1, see our cuddly old UKIP ranter, Tarquin Binnett:

Professor Guru Angus Lenn(on/in)vedanta Smiggles of the Social Constructionist String Theory Department in Bushmills Metaphysical College cuts quite a dashing figure. This pompous intellectual knows well enough how to bamboozle myriad uneducated and uncultivated hoodlums: such as vicious Confederate collectivists, genially whimsical UKIP candidates, gutter tabloid hacks, and sexually frustrated campus liberation crusaders.

But after a few episodes of crisp and generous dismissal, the good Professor fades from view, and two rather disturbing fairy tales present a more disconcerting picture. London’s new addition to the crowded market of postmodern soap operas, and the unhappy tale of un-un-reconstructionism end the witty Parisian proceedings on a rather poignant and dispiriting note.

This second volume of Gang of Sneers also includes the book Wallace Runnymede & The Great Flâneur Massacre: Reflections In & Out of Season. The latter is a reflexive non-fiction work which was originally published separately as an accompaniment to my novella The Great Flâneur Massacre, which is now being re-released on May 31 2016, simultaneously with Professor Smiggles & the New Intellectual Warfare.

Read the full story


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The Great Flâneur Massacre: Novella Excerpt 2. Stomping on Stamp.


No I swear sis, I’m literally not looking down on you!

Well, not in that way.

Well, nor in the other sense.

I mean, never mind all those booky-kooky fine details, mate. What I’m trying to say is, you know, you’re surprisingly tall for one of your type.

But maybe need to dress a bit classier, yeah? You’re a bit of a mainstream girl in those bloody jeans. Get something a bit more local, less mainstream straight-vanilla-globalistic-ish-subservient, like.

Know what I mean, more ‘you.’ More authentically Tibetanist, right? Read the full story


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The Great Flâneur Massacre: Novella Excerpt 1. Such a Song and Dance!

This is the first of two samples from my novella ‘The Great Flâneur Massacre.’

At the rather pompous academic conference which is the centrepiece of this novella in dramatic format, Stamford Rhodes (Stamp) has just presented a patronizing paper…

Where he makes clear his achingly noble desire to save Tibetans from themselves.

The very idea that not all Tibetans may agree with his criticisms of China just blows his mind! Read the full story


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Great Flâneur Massacre: Fictional Endorsements, Endorsements of Fiction (2/2)

Shhh. Don’t laugh. This is pretty damn serious stuff.


Rob, Surname-Lacking and Achingly Committed Painfully Irritating Tenure-Cadger

“Relevant?” That’s a word people in power always use to dismiss me.

Endorsement from “Dr” Kent Hovind

Read the full story


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Great Flâneur Massacre: Fictional Endorsements, Endorsements of Fiction (1/2)

Update (22 Sept 2015):

Since the links I posted in this article originally have changed, I have edited the post.

The Great Flâneur Massacre, oddly enough, is satirical, and portrays an academic conference where the “objects of study” start talking back to the individuals presenting papers.

The scholars who are the enlightened benefactors of the audience do not appreciate being talked back to, as they prefer to represent others, rather than to be represented.

So finally, I will quote you a few endorsements of quotes from my novella; just off the top of my head. And yes: when I say that, I really do mean “off the top of my head.” Read the full story


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Preview for Self-Published Play: “The Great Flâneur Massacre.”

The you-know-where has been abuzz with speculation on the novella in quasi-dramatic form that Wallace Runnymede is due to self-publish in the near future.

(Well, June, actually. But then, why should Wallace Runnymede tell you the exact date at this stage? That would spoil all the fun; or Wallace Runnymede’s fun, in any case; which is not an entirely inconsequential consideration, after all).

However, the Malign-Forces-of-International-Creative-Transparency-Fundamentalism may be somewhat disappointed, that Wallace Runnymede’s first fairly lengthy work will be released under a pseudonym, and not under his real name. Read the full story


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Dr Amy Bishop Sets New Standards Of Academic Freedom

Birmingham, AL Ivory tower intellectualists everywhere have taken note of the new level of entitlement achieved by Professor Amy Bishop of the University of Alabama. Used to having great perks attached to their jobs, Ms. Bishop has definitely raised the bar of academic entitlement beyond anyones expectations.

Denied tenure, which is the life long guarantee of a job at a teaching facility, a wonderful benefit unattainable for we mere mortals, Ms. Bishop went off the deep end (a place she apparently visits quite often) and shot six of her colleagues at a faculty meeting in anger over the refusal, killing three of them. As she was being taken away Ms. Bishop using her clear, lucid thinking machine, stated that they weren’t really dead. Read the full story


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