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Unbelievable! Definitive “Thirteen Rules For Debate” Laid to Waste by Pompous Ivory Tower Intellectual!

Renowned Prigley Uni token cameo shitlecturer Rick Aston Judas Khomeini-Butcher has recently provided a suitably vicious list of rules, for debating SJWs, neocons, idiotic Marxist intellectuals and religious fanatics. But surprisingly enough, some are not so impressed.

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But I’m Oppressed! (SPOILER: No You’re Not!) (1/4)

One of the big debates in politics, journalism and social activism is always going to be… Priorities.

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There is Nothing More Natural than Appealing to What is Natural

Nothing morally consequential follows from ‘the natural.’ There is nothing ‘unnatural’ about mass atrocities, wifebeating, gay-bashing, anti-disabled sentiment, racism, or dying of a heroin overdose.

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