If you Don’t Laugh, You’ll Cry! Chase the Demons Away with these Great Books from Our AMAZING Satire Team!

Glossy News has plenty of great satirists!

And many of them have written books; hence the handy guide below. (Keep reading!)

The following is not, of course, an exhaustive list of the books by our various funny people.

However, we will indeed do a few more of these articles occasionally!

We have had so many amazingly funny people over the years; they all count!

But here are some of our current greats…

Not the only ones by any means, as I’ve just said!

So keep an eye out for more articles in future about the other non-Glossy News projects of some of the very brighest and best humorists out there.

And they’re all here, at Glossy News!

So, without further ado:

Wacko Zombie Lunacy!

We start the ball rolling with God Decays, by Benjamin Cain; who also runs the intriguing blog, Rants Within the Undead God. Benjamin’s satire is consistently clever and provocative, and we have an exciting premise here; it seems a safe bet it’s not just any zombie apocalypse novel!

Unbelievable Satire Arsenal!

And here’s a great anthology, from Dan Geddes of The Satirist. If you don’t know his site already, you should! Dan is a serious creator who pursues excellence both as a writer and as an editor.

You’re Fired… Er, Grounded! (Sorry, Al!)

Here’s Tim Jones, a satirist of consistent quality! He blogs at View from the Bleachers, and his clever humor is always worth a look! You could always try this book of his…

“Gang of Sneers…” What a Freaky Name!

Finally, we hope you enjoyed the funny story yesterday about Rick and Professor Smiggles!

We also hope you like the cute new cover for Professor Smiggles!

The Great Flaneur Narrative is also here for you:

Enjoy! Don’t forget to leave a star rating, or even a review, if you buy any of these books!

Feel free to comment below, if any of these books have taken your fancy.

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