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Republication of Mein Kampf Hate Tract Isn’t a Disaster… The Original Publication was a Disaster!

Not long ago I made a comment below a certain article about the republication of Mein Kampf in Germany:

It runs as follows (slightly edited): Read the full story


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Fake Memes for Fake People! (2/3)

WTF? Did Orwell actually say this?


Citrus surprise looking a little bitter


Fake tan, fake opinions, fake Trump card


Fake-o liberals and conservatives in Germany think book burning is more effective than winning the argument against fascism



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Glossy News Classics V. Wallace Runnymede’s Charlie Hebdo Essay (2/2)

Last time:

Yet even so, concerning ‘limits’ to satire, I will affirm that I do reserve the inalienable right to treat religion as not pristine, as not above theoretical critique, or above satirizing, or above ‘blasphemy.’

And I have little to no respect for anyone who makes religion exceptional, in terms of the inalienable right and sovereign prerogative to criticize and satirize; an entitlement and a ‘privilege’ that can and must be shared be all like, without neither cavil nor complaint.

‘Shame on me,’ indeed!

Oh, and on that note, have you ever seen the passionately committed post-match comments of Andy Tate, the Manchester United supporter? If you have seen his devotion and commitment even once, is it possible to believe that religion is somehow more ‘precious’ or ‘sacred’ than any other love or ideal or commitment? Read the full story


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AOL Deletes GlossyNews.com

Following several minutes of quasi-careful consideration, AOL/Time-Warner has bowed to the pressures of several of it’s members, and gleefully, obligingly deleted the inflamatory news website, GlossyNews.com. AOL has had no option, but to comply with the requests of its members.

Complaints rained in from one-year members including axmangladbag68 and happyprincess2004, as well as two to four year members such as colournotcolor and idigbender19. AOL regrets the need to take such dramatic action, but based on the baseless actions of the otherwise reputable, three-year publication (Ed. note: out of date info, who cares?), the decision was swift, no matter how regrettable it may be. Read the full story


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99 Reasons why Satire should be Kept Entirely within the Bounds of Tolerance, Civility, Decency and Decorum

1. Read the full story


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Latest Populist Policies Carrying Trump to Victory (1/2)

The Trump is on a roll. For, as even George W Bush himself admits: ‘The unstoppable rise of Donald Trump looks pretty much unstoppable by now!’

But how has Trump managed to maintain momentum? Well, here are a few contentious and highly populist policies that have recently helped Trump gain even more headway against such widely renowned Notable-Public-Figures as Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Chris Christie.


Everybody hates this crap, right? Donald Trump will make sure no-one, BUT NO-ONE ever tortures you with this crap again!

So, upon a first offence of filming a video of dancing rabbits or marginally intelligent guinea pigs, complete with infuriating sound effects, the punishment is as follows. Read the full story


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Sinister Spooks Threaten GlossyNews re: Forthcoming Jehovah Smackdown

Wallace Runnymede has been threatened with legal action by malign and powerful West Coast bureaucratic forces that he is strictly forbidden to name…

On account of his anticipated smackdown on the Jehovah’s Witnesses sect.

GlossyNews? Well, that as well.

Still, as Wallace Runnymede delights in pissing all over third rails, this is not such a problem for him.

More importantly, notable krap-aid-cult and edgy fringe spiritual-dogmatising-club, Jehovah’s Witnesses, has finally given permission for children to get blood transfusions. Read the full story


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Free Speech Freaks Given New Hope in Ribbing North Korea

Prominent, but still sub-viral site GlossyNews.com has launched a Go Fund Me campaign to create a free-to-dowload video criticizing the regime.

The goal is to create a wicked, biting satirical film criticizing the totalitarian dynastic regime in North Korea.

The film would feature paid actors, paid crew and a tight production schedule. Read the full story


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Sony Pulls Out Just before Big Release

Just over a week before the climactic release of Sony Picture’s “The Interview” starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, the studio has decided to pull out.

Sony has received a serious pounding after hackers gained access to the back door of the movie studio’s network.

With releases of salaries, social security numbers, and AIM exchanges, Sony’s stock is experiencing shrinkage as hackers are expected to tear further into the private sections of Sony’s database. Read the full story


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F***ing D***head Editor Censoring **arg** Everything

INDIANAPOLIS – An absolute f***ing c**kface of an editor has left virtually his entire staff completely baffled and frustrated after meticulously sifting through a continuum of work and censoring just about every God d*** p***ing profanity written down on each horse s*** piece of paper submitted to his desk. Read the full story


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Google Adsense Bans Us, After 10-yrs Together. Evil Suspected

Google Adsense banned us a few days ago again, as they’ve done many times before in lesser fashions. This time it was because of an article published more than 8-years ago, which had literally zero traffic, according to… well, according to Google.

Listen, dastardly bastards, if you’re motto is “do no evil,” then consider, you know, not being evil fucking bastards once in a while… I’m just saying this as a publisher. Kinda tone down the evil factor. Read the full story


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Israel: Never mind the bleeding, it was cardiac arrest

According to Israeli authorities, 30-year-old Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat died of cardiac arrest five days after being arrested on February 18, 2013. Because of doubts, however, I asked to interview the prison medical examiner who had listed the cause of death. “Of course,” replied the Press Officer, “just be sure to pass through the Israeli Office of Press Censorship when you finish your report.” On this condition I was introduced the the coroner, Selova Proval. Following is the interview.

RIGHT: “Yes, children. Joan of Arc died of cardiac arrest.” (CLICK TO ENLARGE) Read the full story


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Advocacy Group to Toothlessly Protest Redneck Comedians, Unaware of Irony

Cable Professionals United Against Hurtful Stereotypes spokesperson Carl Tuckerson spoke to reporters today on the newly minted group’s grievances and plans. Per Tuckerson, the CPUAHS was formed in defensive reaction to a pervasive, insidious and pernicious media campaign to brand all cable installers as moronic slackers. Read the full story


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Insider: Kato Kaelin to Join NPR for “Balance”

An unusually combative Janet Bryce-Flaverhaven spoke to reporters this week as she unveiled the long awaited 2011 NPR schedule.

The venerable broadcasting behemoth, much loved by hundreds of listeners, has been a topic of much recent scrutiny. The reflexive firing of an African-American that somehow didn’t involve Agriculture Secretary Vilsack has prompted some to consider all things NPR. Read the full story


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Comedy Central Censors Own Press Release About South Park Censoring

Dothan, Al (GlossyNews) — After a week of controversy surrounding the censorship of an episode of the animated series South Park for mentioning the Prophet Muhammad, Comedy Central announced today it would also be censoring it’s own press release on the subject.  A spokesman for Comedy Central said they received another veiled threat from the Islamic group Revolution Muslim about the press release because it had, just like the show, referenced the prophet by name.
Comedy Central responded to the threat by re-releasing the original press release with all the sections referring to Muhammad redacted. Executives at Comedy Central say they were doing what they felt was in the best interest of their employees safety. Read the full story

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US First Lady Tops Google Porno’ Search

Google has issued a provisory apology to the White House regarding a controversial photograph of Michelle Obama – which certain prudish official and media sources – including the Rednecks Gazette, the KKK Monthly, the Jesus Crust Church of Latter Day Bakers and Playboy’s Amish edition columnists – have labelled ‘racially offensive and pornographic’ – that appears at the top of the browser list when net users search for images of the US First Lady. Read the full story


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