Shiver at the Sight of You

The song ‘Pure’ by the Lightning Seeds helped inspire my best ever poem; currently unpublished.
(Some sagely person recently managed to work out the premise of the novel, or come very close, from the title alone; spooky!)
The poem was a work of personal redemption; ensuing from the Autumn of Treason, and the Winter of Horror.
Only when I had hit the deepest pits of remorse and fear and self-abhorrence, did I manage to understand clearly the love I had been given.
I knew then she would never leave my side.
I know she will be my guardian angel until the end of eternity; and she is not a jealous goddess, for she is neither jealous nor divine.
She is of flesh and bone, just like me, and she always was.
How slow we are to learn.
‘Love, what fools these mortals be!’

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