New Incentives and Rewards Scheme Coming Soon!

Although I have been writing and otherwise helping out here for a while, I have held the formal position of sub-editor since January 2017; apart from a brief hiatus at the beginning of 2018, I’ve been here ever since!

And I’ve been loving it from the moment I first started, with my Nancy Pelosi vs Pope Francis article.

(Not going to link to it; arrogance is not my greatest virtue by any means!)

I have been talking to the webmaster, Brian, for a while; about the prospect of monetary rewards and incentives.

It looks like we’ve come to an agreement.

Please be aware that while Glossy News is a very long-running site, it doesn’t have the same huge following as other sites, such as The Onion or Newsthump.

This is obviously a little unfortunate, but it’s just how it is. We do not currently have a lot of money to throw around, although we certainly hope to change that in due course. Remember that every time you share an article, contribute a story, or recommend us to your friends, such actions have the potential to boost our content, traffic, search engine optimisation…

And ultimately, our revenue.

So, we are putting together a monthly rewards and incentives package, and we’ll provide you with definitive details fairly soon.

Even though this will not compare to writing for a large news outlets like WaPo or NYT, we hope that over time, we can gradually adjust the rewards and incentives system upwards.

I think an annual review, minimum, would be helpful.

Obviously, the better the site does, the more money we are likely to have, and thus the better the rewards.

So please do all you can to contribute more of your stuff (both new stuff and back catalogue), and invite your friends to like our Facebook page.

Please share anything you find funny. If you have social media, you can definitely play your part in helping us.

You can start by sharing this one!

I’m glad to give you this good news.

More specific details to follow soon!

Please bookmark the link to Glossy News.

And make sure you like the Facebook Page mentioned above, and share our stuff the odd time.

Looking forward to telling you more!



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