A Brief Satirical History of ‘Racism is Prejudice Plus Power’

The prejudice plus power thesis says that if you don’t belong to a racially privileged group, you can’t be racist.
Racism, by definition, is something only the racially privileged are capable of.
Racism by under-privileged groups doesn’t count, because it isn’t real racism.
(See my Wallace Runnymede novel ‘The Great Flaneur Narrative’ for a humorous send-off of this notion, among other satirical delights).
It seems, however, that this is nothing new under the sun.


How could I possibly be an antisemite? My gods don’t have any power!


Racist? MOI? But we are the people on the backfoot; it’s the Canaanites who have all the power. Killing every male of military age isn’t racist; we may be PREJUDICED against these evil, Satanic godless heathens, but we sure as hell ain’t RACIST!

Kublai Khan

Racist? Everyone knows Mongols can’t be racist against Han Chinese! Bitch, PLS!


We are OCCUPYING Central Asia? STFU! Global capitalism is the current world Great Power System, so how could our actions possibly be racist?!


The Jews have all the power, so we obviously aren’t racist. Racism is prejudice plus power, any cavilling on this self-evident point is VERBOTEN!

Social Justice Tumblr

STFU you bitter Zionist freeloader! Take your privileged dead white man neoliberal bullshit and stop triggering me, you racist bastard!


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