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Republican Godwin’s Law Bingo

I: Hitler had a single-payer healthcare system.

II: Hitler persecuted innocent, well-meaning wealth creators, made them produce his bombs. Socialist welfare advocates want to do the same!

III: Hitler used the decadent liberal media to prop up and promote his evil agenda of Big Medicine and mass murder.

IV: Hitler was a ‘National Socialist.’ The enemies of Our Glorious Nation are ‘Isolationist Socialists.’ See the connection?

V. Just like every damn Democrat who has ever had the grave misfortune of tragically encumbering the earth, and entirely unlike every single Republican in history, Hitler was the sworn foe of all political transparency and accountability. Read the full story


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Blair Warns Germany: Stop Apologizing for Mass Atrocities (1/2)

Tony Blair has recently made some perfectly reasonable and convincing revisionist comments on the mass atrocities committed in Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.
Well, when I say “perfectly reasonable and convincing,” that’s a bit of a stretch, but I’m not supposed to be reporting these comments…
So I’m actually doing you guys a favor! Read the full story


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Blockbuster Book Reveals Adolf Hitler’s Most Personal Moments

Berlin, Germany – (SatireWorld.com) Workers excavating a world war II bunker discovered a treasure trove of historical photos and secret documents.

Many are considered new and previously unseen and include personal photos of Adolf Hitler candidly taken by Ava Braun, his mistress.

For many years after the end of the war in 1945, rumors persisted that the Nazi leader farted openly for his sexual pleasure while bathing in a luxurious bathtub in the German Chancellery.

PHOTO INSERT: Corporal Belk claims Hitler once sunk a replica of the British battleship HMS Hood with a well-directed fart and quick light of a match. He downplayed rumors of any Jewish yellow rubber ducks being involved Read the full story


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I’m OK, You’re OK – Maybe

Psychologists have been following disturbing trends developing from a self help philosophy from the 1980’s called Transactional Analysis. TA is based upon a consciousness growth bestseller book entitled “I’m OK, You’re OK”. Written by Thomas A. Harris MD, it was a book whose primary message was to base all relationships on the premise that everyone is OK just the way they are without any changes, including the reader himself. The publication was a huge international hit offering a message of simple positivism to the world. Since that time many other individuals have altered that simple philosophy in their own ways, some good, some bad. Psychologists from the Institute To Make Everyone As Sane As Is Possible In a Screwy World have found the following disturbing deviations from the original ideas:

The Marine Corps- We’re OK, you are shit. Read the full story


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The Political Messiah Fleeces His Flock

The charismatic figure stood above the masses gathered before him ready to seduce them with his glorious speech. He had purposely chosen a historic location for the event, one whose beloved presence in the minds of the populace would lend weight to his words, one whose place in the hearts of the citizens would hopefully help him to also entrance therein. Read the full story


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Copy of Mein Kampf Found in Glenn Beck’s Locker Next to His Lederhosen

Beck claims he just uses it as reference to use against the Obama administration and not for purposes of learning how to indoctrinate his listeners.


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Hitler Found Living in Mexico with Conjoined Jewish Twins

MEXICO CITY, Mexico (GlossyNews) — Shocking reports out of Mexico City suggest that Adolf Hitler is alive and has been cohabitating with conjoined Jewish twins Golda and Miriam Slotski since 1962. “I saw him. I swear I did. I couldn’t believe my eyes, but I definitely saw him,” insisted Elvis impersonator, Joel Dixon. Read the full story


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Documents Show Auschwitz Death Camp Doctors Living on Food Stamps

WARSAW, Poland (GlossyNews) — Archaeologists working to better understand the reign of Hitler and his Third Reich have discovered food coupons for some of the notorious SS doctors at the Auschwitz death camp, including the sadistic Dr. Joseph Mengele. Read the full story


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Expenses Scandal MP Blames Hitler n’ Jews

In a novel reverse psychology play on Jewish pogroms and the Nazi Holohoax David Wilshire, the disgraced UK Conservative MP for Scumford-on-the-Wold, has compared the excommunicative treatment of politicians over their dodgy (fraudulent) expense claims to the plight of Jews in Nazi Germany. Read the full story


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DNA Tests Reveal Hitler was a Woman

A large bone fragment of Adolf Hitler’s skull has been revealed as being that of a woman, according to the latest forensic tests carried out in the US by Princeton’s prestigious Institute of Advanced Guessology.

The section of bone – marked with a bullet hole through the right temporal squamus – was used to support the theory that Hitler shot himself after taking cyanide. Read the full story


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