The Most “Offensive” Web Animation Ever? Syeten is Profiting from the Prophet

This online animation series is hilarious!

But a serious point first:

Some of you will need to be careful though (depending on your background, e.g. nationality), and not share it on social media.

This funny web series on the early days of the Quran and of Islam is potentially even more ‘offensive’ to blasphemy kooks than anything Charlie Hebdo ever did.

By the way, clickbait aside, the creator of this animation doesn’t even seem to be ‘profiting’ as such; I can’t see any ads!

And another interesting factoid:

For some inexplicable reason, the founder of Islam, Muhammad, has a Bradford accent.

I think.

Oh, and by the way!

I note that it is a pseudonymous work…

I can’t speak for anyone at Glossy News; but this one gets my heart endorsement!


P.S. Bracing myself for a knock at the door from the ‘hate police’ now.

Well, that’s Euroweenieland for ya! At least you folk have the First Amendment; over there, somewhere, across the pond!


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