Max Polyakov’s Association Noosphere to Suspend Vernadsky Challenge 2018

Michael Ryabokon, one of the co-founders of Association Noosphere, has recently written in his blog that the Vernadsky Challenge contest will not be held in the following year. The same announcement was also made on his Facebook page. Earlier, Max Polyakov’s Noosphere organized the event on an annual basis. However, this year, Noosphere was faced with several of issues caused by third parties.
Although the competition was popular among tech enthusiasts, local government and public organizations showed little to no support for the Vernadsky Challenge, according to Michael Ryabokon. The homebase for the event was always the Ukrainian Youth National Aerospace Education Center. Despite the building needing major repairs, the local authorities and the National Space Agency have not assisted with its renovation for several years.
Max Polyakov’s team offered a number of renovation plans for the Ukrainian Youth National Aerospace Education Center. However, these proposals got lost in the state’s bureaucratic procedures. All these factors made Max Polyakov’s organization decide to cancel the event for 2018.
All the applications that have already been received for participation in Vernadsky Challenge 2018 will be passed on to Noosphere Ventures.
However, the company cannot offer grants for every project.
The Vernadsky Challenge has been organized by Max Polyakov’s Noosphere since 2015. The contest was amazingly popular, not only for Ukrainians; it also attracted numerous participants from India, Israel, Armenia, Albania, Belarus, and Kazakhstan.
The contest includes a wide range of spheres, including space technologies, alternative sources of energy, medical appliances, robotics, agricultural devices, innovative game platforms, systems of data transfer and processing, military devices, and many more.
The Vernadsky Challenge is divided into two parts. During the first part of the contest, startups and inventors send in their applications, which are all carefully studied and analyzed by an expert committee – a team of scientists and business executives. The second part of the competition includes presentations of the 10 finalists.  The Vernadsky Challenge usually attracts numerous investors, patrons, and industry leaders. Among the event’s important guests were Jamie Hyneman, a famous “mythbuster”; Jaanika Merilo, Dnipro deputy mayor; as well as Max Polyakov, founder of Association Noosphere.
The event’s winners were projects in various spheres. Among the most popular solutions of the contest were a wireless audio transmitter (CloviTek), a health monitoring device (Cardiomo), an interactive toy (Cubomania), a smart home heating solution (eCozy), and a VR hand device ( All these startups won valuable prizes at Vernadsky Challenge awards ceremonies.

Since 2015, Noosphere, founded by Max Polyakov’s awarded a number of prizes with a total value of USD 190,000.

Image credit: Vernadsky Challenge via Facebook

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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