The Unofficial & Definitely Un-Presidential Meanings of ‘POTUS’

Our national beloved-love of acronyms has brought us a new term for our fearless Fuhrers. The term, which took me a while to understand (as everyone tells you acronyms but doesn’t bother to translate them for you!) is ‘POTUS’ – the initials standing for ‘President Of The United States.’

Due to our present feckless leader, there have come about other definitions of the term as well; some (or most) of them not so nice, just as is our President-Select. Here is a partial list of them; other countries have come up with their own also colorful variations and (as yet mercifully untranslated) versions):

Presidentially Outraging The United States

Preposterously Outsmarting only The Unsuspecting and the Stupid

Purposely Ousting The Underlings Shamelessly

Presuming Ostentatiously to be The Ultimate Statesman

a Portent Of Things Unholy and Sacrilegious

Possibly the Original Terminator for the whole United States.

Presumed Oracle of the True Unwashed job Slaves.

Predestining Our Talents to Unending Servitude

Preparing Ourselves for The Unannounced Slide downwards

Patronizing Only The Unrepentantly Stylish

Posturing Outrageously for The Unsung work Slaves

Putin Owned Treasonous Under-trained Spy

Pre-humorously Ordained The Ultimate political Suicide-bomber

Possessing the most Outlandish Title and Undeserved Status

Perhaps the Only Term the Utter fool will Serve

Precisely the most Officious Tyrant we have Unleashed Since Cheney

Presiding Onerously over we Tiny Underling Serfs

Politically Obnoxious Tinkerer Undermining our System

Pretentiously an Oracle of Tremendously Undeserved Status

Posturing Ox-like Through Uncharted Seas

Presumptuously Obliterating The Unwritten Sense of decency.

Preposterously Ornate Tediously Undeserving Scuzbag

Precursing Oblivion To make Us Submissive

Performs Officially better when Taken Under Supervision

Potty Orificed Tedious Uncouth Serpent

President Othello Trump- the Ultimate Stalinist

Potential Originator of The Upending Slide

Pretentious Orangatangial Terminally Unrepentant Slimeball

Presiding Over A Tumbling Out-of-control Side-show

Perhaps an Omen of The Untimely national Suicide

Pretending to Officially Triumph over Underdeveloped States

Preparing the Outsiders for Tenaciously Unbelievable Sacrifice

Perchance Only a Talented Uber Showman

Putin’s Own Titan of Unmatched Stupidity

Post-humorously realized to Obviously be The Unbearable Simpleton

Author: rfreed

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