Rape Culture in Rotherham: Labour Knows What’s Going On

labour scandal

There’s been a lot of trouble from people like Tommy Robinson who have made sweeping and indiscriminate criticisms of Islam which risk actually implicitly stigmatizing Muslims.

I have always been critical of this tendency.

At the same time, if there is anything worse than this, it is the amorality, indifferentism and nihilistic moral relativism of woke intellectuals and establishment doorstops of the media, creative and political spheres.

Tommy Robinson has a seed of something good in him, which has been essentially blighted: a hunger for justice.

However, the complacent metropolitan intellectuals who are more interested in postmodernist ‘values’ and the underlying globalist crony-capitalist structures which drive these false and deeply rationalizing values, are even worse than Robinson.

I don’t say anything to praise Robinson; I never have, I never will.

But there are even worse things in this world.

Things like Komrad Korbyn.

Recently, Sarah Champion and Amina Lone have been treated brutally by the misogynistic regime of the semi-reconstructed Trotsky sympathizer once characterized in a (since self-censored) Sky News article as ‘Jihadi Jez.’

As is commonly the case with Commies and fellow travellers, any woman who expresses herself without a party chaperone or ideological guardian must perish.

To disagree with The Party, or rather, with the only people from ‘The Party’ that really matter, is both insane and evil.

I can almost imagine Jez H. Christ muttering under his Divine breath of bourgeois white male intellectual wrath ‘STFU, you uppity Paki bitch!’ as he presses the ‘Purge and Destroy’ button.

In the Labour Party, the only women who can have a voice, are people like Naz Shah, who retweet comments like ‘Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity.’

The fact that Shah makes the hilariously implausible claim that she did this retweet ‘by accident’ only makes her look more suspicious and sinister.

Give her a shovel and let her finish the job!

But she’s not the only person still digging.

Sarah and Amina will continue trying to find out the truth.

They may have fallen on the wrong side the wrath of Jez; but in the long run, they will be commemorated as those who have also fallen on the right side of Truth, of Justice, and ultimately of History.

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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