Shepard Smith to Leave FOX News Over Harassment?

Fox News Fired Shepard Smith

Shepard Smith, long time Fox News Anchor and deeply closeted homosexual, announced today that he will be leaving the Republican broadcasting network at the end of his current contract.

Sometimes considered the only voice of reason on the network, his departure will further sully the image of America’s leading satire television news channel, leaving only The 700 Club to fill the comedy void.

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The reasons behind his departure have been reported ranging from dissatisfaction with his salary, to incompatibility with other network anchors, to “an incident with that David from accounting,” though no definitive reason has been offered.

Several people who have close ties to Smith have put forward another reason.

Fox News Tucker Carlson
Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
Since Smith joined FOX, his main function was to anchor the news, as opposed to providing commentary. He has been continually faced with having to defend statements that originate in other FOX News programs as fact, even when he finds them incomprehensible, ludicrous and bordering on illegal.

This constant divide between reality and the pseudo-facts of the right-leaning staff on other programs has caused a rift in his ability to maintain any level of dignity, let alone sanity. He recently learned that several of the fiction writers on the other programs were intentionally designing absurd “facts” for Smith to later proclaim as true, just to annoy him.

He has told several close friends that this harassment is way beyond what a reasonable person would be able to tolerate and “[that he] was going to completely lose it toot sweet,” though he failed to explain that odd colloquialism.

While Glossy News cannot confirm as of news time if this theory is accurate, we do know that the sources of the information are credible, although our reporter on the scene insists they are unappealing to look at, and that he totally did not sleep with him or her or them to get the information.

At some point we expect a statement from the network regarding the expected departure of Mr. Smith, and we expect it to be handled with all the candor, earnestness and integrity for which FOX News is best known.



Author: Mike Kelly

I like finding the humor in politics. Sometimes what you hear isn't that far from the bizarre.

53 thoughts on “Shepard Smith to Leave FOX News Over Harassment?

  1. No! My head actually started wagging unbidden! To incorrectly use “loose” twice, and then sign off with a correct use. Mind Blown. Totally poofed.

  2. Here is all you need to know about this stupid fucking site…. “While Glossy News cannot confirm as of news time if this theory is accurate”

  3. So do I. Since President Trump was elected he turned into Mr. Hyde. I had no idea how much of a snowflake he truly is. And I’m sure he’ll be scooped up by CNN or MSNBC because that’s where his safe space truly lies. He first reported about Jussie and yje alleged hoax in Chicago and of course being the sympathetic man he is was. I must admit when he was on I turned a deaf ear to his comments but he may have pushed the story a bit too far…he usually does.

  4. Oh Man, I love Shepherd Smith. I hope he goes to a news network that appreciates his integrity and commitment towards the truth… Oh shit… I hope he’s got a passport, ’cause he isn’t finding that news network stateside. Shep, your sanity amidst the madness will be greatly missed. Enjoy your life abroad.

  5. I, for one cannot understand why Fox News keeps this big head yo-yo around. Lately, heis not reporting as a conservative, but rather enjoys twisting the facts around to suit his personal leanings. Smith is no longer factual in his reporting.

  6. I have been able to watch Fox News this week and Shepard Smith. He has not been on. How refreshing it has been. Real, honest-to-goodness reporting.

  7. Shepard Smith should go to msnbc or cnn, he is definately a democrat. He would be more comfortable. Fox News is fair and balanced, he is not. We do not watch him any longer.

  8. I have grown so weary of Shepard Smith’s editorializing instead of factual reporting that I turn him off immediately upon seeing him. He is disgusting example of today’s biased news reporters who attempts to sensationalize most news. Of course, like so many of his counterparts, he is a liberal who shows distain for consevatives. Enough! Send him on his ignorant way!

  9. I’m not sure what he stands for.He dont like trump.sounds like your feelings mustof gotten hurt suck it up
    when will the reporters realize we watch news for the news.I don’t like their opinion. smith is no loss but Meagin Kelly and bill O,reilly is missed. bring back hanabee he was great.

  10. Shep Smith should take over Brooke Balwin’S spot. That way I can watch Fox News And stop turning the channel to ” FAKE AND VERY IRRELEVANT NEWS. Never liked him!

  11. It is way past time for him to go. Now he can move to CNN or MSNBC with the rest of his perverted mentally ill friends. I never could stand the wimp!!

  12. I just turned the TV on to Fox news & Shep. I thought I had turned CNN on. Shep was really putting down the President. It was awful. Let him go.

  13. Sheppard Smith is not the reason I watch Fox… I watch Fox because
    of the conservative views… maybe he needs to be with Megan Kelly..
    Sorry Mr. Smith no harm intended!

  14. We certainly hope that the rumor of Smith’s departure is very true. Of late his reports have become more and more bias towards the liberal side of the world. He is turned off every time he comes on our TV now. If he and Kelly would leave for CNN or other useless network, we would once again watch Fox News as our only source.

  15. I for one would be thrilled to see Mr. Smith leave… I think CNN would be a better fit for him… as he said in today’s show… “I reiterate”…. what about the other side of the story… fair and balanced in the Fox News style is for sure NOT on this show…

  16. Shepard Smith is an idiot….if wants the Syrians, lets begin by sending them to his house to live and he can support them….Smith is like Obama , he thinks that all Americans should think like he does…..he is a reporter , and stop giving us his opinion….these idiot liberals , is the reason the country is going to (&(^%$$#$^ stick to your job and report…..let us decide how we think and what to decide, what gives you the right to tell us how we should think…………idiot

  17. Two years later and he's still there. I guess this website is satire? Thank God for fox news. The msm doesn't bother to report all of the lies pouring out of the WH. Guess that puts a little kink in your socialist agenda? If you hate living in a democracy and would prefer a monarchy you could always move to some other corner of our brilliant little world.

  18. This hand wringer can't leave soon enough for me. He almost started crying the other day that "They're just children". If their family didn't care enough about them to keep them close, why should we. Make their visit as short as possible.

  19. Shep is one of the best. fox will lose a lot
    Of viewers. I wish him the best. O ‘reilly and his
    Big mouth should leave. We have had enough.

  20. When Sheppard was covering a hurricane once he pretty much lost it and was mubbling nonsense.. Today on FOX he lost it.

    I've seen him reporting the news and he does a good job, but to simply loose it like that is not a National news anchor that we need to have.

    I don't even see how his "personal views" could have affected his loosing it… If I had been Fox, I would have fired him over the first one, no doubt today we would have been fired as well.

    It is this accepting less because someone is a homosexual, a minority, or a opposite sex.

    Smith needs to be fired over his loose canon behaviors.

  21. He annoys me to no end, I hate his unnecessary personal comments and over caffeinated style of delivering his lines, he's more suitable to enews or tmz channels

  22. I admire his morals. While many just read the prompter, he often deviates from the script to tell it like it is. It takes gravitas to do that and I hope he's rewarded for his honesty and earnestness.

  23. I hope that this rumor is not true. I don't want to see Shep leaving but if this harassment is true than I don't blame him. why in the hell can't they just leave him alone and let him do he's job. Shep is the best and a joy to watch again I hope that this stupid rumor is not true. just stop the damn harassment no body deserves that.

  24. I would say something is up, as he is off his two shows more than he is hosting them anymore. It is almost like they should announce “with occasional appearances by Shepard Smith”.
    When he isn’t there, I turn the channel.

  25. I for one would like to say that the network blou the opportunity to make smith into the next Chet Huntley and or the next David Brinkley but your to stupid to even know who I am talking about or may be he could have been the next Walter Kronkite but you let your news room turn into a joke a comedy but with no purpose but to make him look bad so you loose and I will watch only to see you make John stossle into another blithering idiot with the news I notice you do not do this kind of comedy with Bill O’Riely what is stopping you ?

  26. I used to hate Shep for being such a crony, but he’s turned on his masters so many times it’s no longer funny, it’s satisfying… quite satisfying.

    You, Mr. Smith, have my vote of approval.

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