Stephanie from LazyTown Arrested for Prostitution?

Julianna Rose Mauriello, the actress best known for her bubbly portrayal as Stephanie on the erstwhile children’s program LazyTown was picked up at 2:36am Tuesday morning on the charge of “trespassing with criminal intent” in Virginia.

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Where is she now? Stephanie from Lazy Town.

Julianna Rose Mauriello was just 13 years old when the tv show that made her famous first graced the boob tube.

She played a pink-haired young girl on the Icelandic/American show opposite the sometimes-physically-inappropriate “Sporticus,” who at times seemed to have more than his eyes on her.

But all eyes were definitely on Stephanie Tuesday morning as she was hauled out of the Windsor Lux hotel in Birmington, Virginia. Following complaints by guests at the hotel an undercover officer was able to meet with her when she allegedly agreed to reinact her famous role with him donning a Sparticus costume, for the sum of $900.

Hotel staff report that this is not her first time causing trouble on the property, which is a real one, and stated that she is “known for her antics,” and “you can take that anyhow you want,” though they failed to elaborate.

LazyTown was criticized when it originally aired as being wildly inappropriate in its treatment of the innocent young character. It is not uncommon for child stars to be exposed to adult lifestyles at unacceptable ages, and some in remote areas far removed from the show’s production believed that exactly this was taking place.

Marjoree Hamilton from Tusaloosa, Kansas said, “I watched that show with my daughter, but my husband always watched it like a juicy porkchop, always salivating at the screen.” Adding, “This is the devil’s TV!”

Producers of the show, speaking on background, were quick to point out that the legal age of consent in Iceland is 15, which Mauriello was for much of the shows run, and that this meant by default that the show was in no way inappropriate, no matter how overtly sexual in nature it was.

The age of consent in England, where the show also aired, is only 16, meaning that it was also appropriate, even if only from a victim grooming perspective.

And the age of consent in America is similarly low, with the age of 16 being acceptable for intimate physical consent in Washington DC, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington and West Virginia.

Many states, such as Maine, have exceptions to the law going down to ages as young as 14, which the shows producers insist provides even further evidence that they were in the right to exploit her at such a young age.

Mauriello was an honor student at the Professional Performing Arts School (The Fame school) in Manhattan, New York, and has appeared on Broadway in Oklahoma, and also as a spectator in the audience of The Book of Mormon, where she played herself watching the play alongside her mother.

Charges are not expected to be filed in this, a case that only happened in your imagination… because, come on dude, what are you thinking? Let the girl have her life already. It’s bad enough I brought her name up, but I only did it to make fun of all you wierdos out there watching the show.

You Watch, You Decide

Was the show nothing more than a grooming tool for those seeking to take advantage of young girls? Watch this video, and you decide.

I’m sorry Miss Mauriello, this story kind of got away from me. This was never meant as any slight to you. You are a gifted performer and I wish you only the best in your career. This is meant only as a slap in the face to those creepy dads that watched your show, which was, let’s be honest, and you’ll probably understand this better when you look back on it later in life, highly inappropriate. You were put in a position you should never have, while just doing a job, and that’s no reflection on you as a person.


Author: Dexter Sinistri

Dexter Sinistri is a famously centrist writer who has worked as a Hollywood correspondent for a number of leading publications since 2005. Though once a photographer, Mr. Sinistri struck out as a writer on all things celebrity, and he likes to consider himself a tremendous asset to Glossy News, though by most accounts, he has fallen somewhat short of this effort.

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  1. I agree it’s just dancing but him been gay only men who say fit muscles men are gay are jealous of them as they’re less fortunate themselves lol

  2. It’s hard work being a former Tory as well as a satirist. I once thought about becoming a frat boy, but I can’t really stomach my whiskey. Still, it takes all sorts.

  3. Fratboy baby rapists? That’s a bit harsh. Did you know I used to be a card carrying Tory as well?

  4. This isn’t satire, social commentary, or comedy. This is just vulgar bullying of a young, successful woman.

    I guess that is what creepers like the fratboy baby rapists bruhs at glossynews do to compensate for their jealousy at successful women.

  5. Filthy dads? You’re the filthy one with your mind in the gutter, author. Shame on you for sexualising a young girl and your Freudian slips speak of your sick thoughts. Suspicious, sick thoughts like this usually signal something worse.

  6. Dudes seriously, just look at the first photo! The photoshop is obvious AF -_- try not to make the hair glow next time :v


  8. Glossynews is the shitfest of the internet don’t let these jokers fool you,
    I found this by searching some lazy town images on google to relive my childhood and i saw a picture and the watermark “” i already knew the site was fishy enough looking at the name so i knew this was bullshit all along.

  9. And guess what she is not dead, and guess where i got the idea that she was dead from??? Yes thats right GLOSSY NEWS. stop making up rumours!

  10. I used to watch this when I was younger, she was my idol and now she is dead at the age of 22 because of all the people that accused her of rubbish that she didn’t do and she obviously wasn’t happy so she drugged up and committed suicide. Why couldn’t people leave her alone?

  11. Birmingham is the name of the whore house where I gave it to her doggie style while she went down on Nell. $50 well spent. BAM! Now that’s sinister, ya’ll!

  12. Taking this literal is just showing how ignorant and illiterate some people are. This was not supposed to be taken seriously from my perspective, and if you did take it literally then stop saying that the author is pedofile. The author is not a pedofile you are odvisoulsy not literate enough to understand that he is saying that he thinks she was put into this position unknowingly. Do not take it seriously either he is odviously just trying to make a fun point, and he did so successfully. Also give him credit for speaking out about an idea he had that he probably knew people would disagree with him on. Good for him and gg.

  13. My oldest daughter watched this show ALL the time when she was younger. I’m very aware of what she watched and this IS NOT IT!!!!! I tried to let her relive her younger days and that was a MISTAKE!! You have NO idea what you are talking about! THANK YOU, for your consideration!!!! SERIOUSLY! No need to do this to anyone. Keep this BS to yourself!!!

  14. I cannot believe how ridiculous this is. This show may be annoying and wierd, but out of almost all of the episodes I've had to endure watching with my sin, I have never seen any action that can be deemed as even mildly inappropriate. The lady whose husband that resembles a pork chop might consider getting him away from their daughter! Any man that finds Stephanie even mildly sexy is a serious pedifile. God this is so stupidly sad!

  15. ….I never saw that kind of stuff in that show, really…so what the heck is going on? Am I missing something here? The whole 'childhood star gone bad' thing is kinda normal because they normally grow up like spoiled brats, from what I understand.

  16. stuff like that can happen to any1 trust me i no but saying that lazy town was a very gd show and i would recommend it to any parent just cus its got a child in it doent mean u can write stuff like this and shatter the actors life and confidence u should be ashamed.

  17. This is stupid. There is nothing wrong with the show. The real pervert is the one that turns it into a nasty thing. As for the woman saying her “husband” was salivating over the TV… he’s a pediphile and divorce or castration is your options if this woman is real. Since these allegations are false I expect all of this is as well.

  18. This is fake btw. You all don't realize this is a fake news site. Nothing on here is true. You are bad mouthing a nice young girl all because someone decided to start a rumor about her. And most of you should be past acting like highschoolers

  19. why did someone add in the song and say she did it and say its innapropiate. the person who remixed it is responsible not her. i never really watched her too often but now i never watch kid shows no more but still. its just a show. those dads out there can do wat they want who cares. its not her problem

  20. I banned my kids from watching this show not for this i didn't see anything sexual about it, i banned it because my sons kept on taking the fruit and veg out of the fridge and throwing it about and playing baseball with it. Other then that i see no trouble with the show.

  21. Congratulations on your troll news post. I've personally never heard of the whole creepy dad watching lazy town thing you speak of. You've obviously watched some of the show yourself. Newsflash……most parents who actually pay attention to their kids watch the shows with them. And if it really bothered you, then why show how shitty of a writer you are by portraying her in such an inappropriate manner? Aren't you doing the same thing they are in a sense? Using her in an inappropriate way to suit your own purposes?
    Seriously. There's nothing wrong with the show. You're an idiot.

  22. Just because Oscar never wore pants in his garbage can doesn’t mean he was a pervert. Wait a minute, I guess it does…

  23. I always knew she was a prostitute, I mean the show was French. Lil John however had nothing to do with her, it's almost slanderous to include the two in the same article.

  24. That photoshopped picture comes from the website and was made about 6 years ago. Somehow it pops up in a fake article… :/

  25. HAHA! i find it funny that the writer of this article has taken down my comments im baaaack! so, My cousin saw this online and believed it until i told her it was fake. Anyway, for all of you who would like to know, Julianna is a teacher now. she’s a dance minor and Psychology major. she has never been a prostitute. she went straight to college after the short film A Fix. How do I know this? i do my research because I’m tired of people like this windbag trying to make something bad from a good thing that helps kids. So there you go. I’m sure all of you know its fake cuz i see the comments so i dont even have to go there. just hoping to shed some light on the incompitence of this idiot who published this.

  26. Yes that video is inapropriot but that's because you added that song idiots …. I'm watched it as a kid it is fine …people are just ridiculous

  27. You need to calm down little boy. Does your mom know you run your mouth online?

  28. That video u put up there was bs u fake lonely piece of lowlife I've been watching this show with my parents since I was three

  29. I find it appalling that the doctored video clip is allowed to remain online I relation to this show as I watch it with my daughters and this is not what it is like. The show is only sexualised by those whose minds already sit there and to all others it can be a useful tool in teaching problem solving, sharing imagination and healthy lifestyle in a fun upbeat way. Sure a little European in style but this is why it appeals, for its uniqueness not its sexual content.

  30. Satire. Oh….Kay…?
    Not very funny, no matter how you slice it. Leave the comedy to actual funny people Mr. News-Article. Hope Stefan Stefansson rapes your dog in the throat. 😉 Heh- Just a waste of important interweb time for so many of LazyTown’s fans; up to & including this written reply!

    “…first make people laugh, and then make them think.”

  31. lol you guys are all retards. "Second running site in all of satire" on the top of the page, it's SATIRE, it was never meant to be a real news story.

  32. Marjoree Hamilton from Tusaloosa, Kansas said, “I watched that show with my daughter, but my husband always watched it like a juicy porkchop, always salivating at the screen.” ARE YOU SERIOUS? THE PROBLEM IS ON THE TV SHOW OR IN YOUR HUSBAND?

  33. I watched this when I was 12, and my son, his father and I watch it now, I've never seen anything in it that has made me question weather my son should watch it, nor have I ever seen anything that's inappropriate in the show either. Next you're going to tell me that 'The Dinosaur Train' has explicit content. As with Julianna Rose Mauriello, I think she needs counselling, she's not a bad person, just needs a bit of help to express whatever is causing her to act this way.

  34. I watched Lazy Town with my first son in 2004 and now I watch it with my two little ones on Netflix and I've NEVER thought that the show was anything other than a children's program promoting healthy lifestyles. Anyone who watches it and sees anything else is a pervert. Some people will try to sexualize anything.
    If I were Marjorie Hamilton, I don't think I would have publicly made that commentlol

  35. Dexter Sinistri, if you wanted to slap all the creepy dads out there in the face you could've done it in a more tasteful fashion than this. When I google Julianna Mauriello's name, the first thing that comes up is "Julianna Mauriello arrested for prostitution." How many people are not actually going to read the whole story and look into the fact that this is fake? (despite that it's obvious to some, other people are not quick on the uptake.) This is extremely slanderous and you should remove it immediately. The least you could do is take your half-assed, miscroscopically fonted apology that you placed at the bottom of the article and put it at the top in legible writing as a disclaimer. Shame on you.

  36. Tizzie Stark When I produce a video, I usually watch it to see how it mashes up.
    You should always screen something before you put it on the air.

    Additionally, I made that post a year ago and this article is two years old, time to let the conversation die.

  37. Why why did the show have to end I love that show and what happened to her she was happy and fun dude wow I am speechless give this 100 likes to let the show go back on tv

  38. I’m sorry Miss Mauriello, this story kind of got away from me. This was never meant as any slight to you. You are a gifted performer and I wish you only the best in your career. This is meant only as a slap in the face to those creepy dads that watched your show, which was, let’s be honest, and you’ll probably understand this better when you look back on it later in life, highly inappropriate. You were put in a position you should never have, while just doing a job, and that’s no reflection on you as a person. ^^Quote from the artical^^. Its clearly meant as a "funny" story, and by funny i mean stupid and fake

    This show is allot better than most cartoons these days

  40. Um…he doesn't do anything inappropriate. …im watching it with my kids right now. ..I have watched it for years.
    They dance and sing…They promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle. …if some pedophile finds her attractive its there problem!…
    They dance and sing together…who gives a shit.
    who over wrote this article is an idiot.

  41. Wow a reporter with integrity and humble. This is the sad news when we still hear that young actors and actresses are not being molded into properly guided into model citizens. My daughter's and I expected to hear better of her. It's not her fault.

  42. and badly at that too. is that supposed to be a black eye or?????? and her hair is really badly photoshopped. plus who ever did this has obviously never been arrested. youre supposed to face the camera not look away with your hands in your pockets

  43. I watched my first episode of Lazytown and found some of the images disturbing.

    Like when you watch one of those 12 year old beauty pagents.

    Something ain’t just right abut it.

  44. I agree with you on everything Jessica. I have watched every episode of this show and my son watches it. I never once thought it was inappropriate or sexualized at all. And the womans comment about her husband means she may want to watch him. Sorry but I dont know any guy that has drooled watching that 15 year old Stephanie on Lazy Town.

  45. only a christian would associate childrens shows with sex, sick people, big lawsuit awaiting you religious freaks, defamation.

  46. Yes, Patti, what this site needs is more derps calling the site owner pathetic, an arse, braindead and threatening him with a lawsuit for “deformation”.

  47. I think, in this case, deformation of character works just as well, Sass. Please don’t leave. We appreciate your comments, even if you are Camadian. I hear Camada is a lovely place in the spring.

  48. See? Just done it again, called myself Camadian haahaha!
    Nuff said guv. Outta here. Nice day.

  49. Do I come across as Canadian then? Do I Type with a Canadian accent? haha I’m not Camadian, I am honoured though to have a ton of friends in Vancouver, Winnipeg and Toronto. really very cool friends each of them.
    I’m a 100% walking, talking, Viking, from the one, the only Iceland. Although live in England, so maybe that’s where my Canadian typing accent came from haha!

  50. Easy Deepness. Haha what a knob I am eh? Meaning ‘defamation’ of course, I’ve changed it up now so I make a smidge of sense this time. English isn’t my first language so occasionally I have these very dim lapses in concentration here and there. Anyhoo, nuff said.
    Thanx for bringing it up man, appreaciated.

  51. This is pathetic and genuinely extremely harmful to Julianna's future career in entertainment. Perhaps you 'never meant to slight' Julianna, but the simple fact is, YOU DID! If i was her and you were based in the US I would track you down and have you arrested and charged with 'Malicious Slander and Deformation of Character'. Julianna is a very wealthy young lady, good for her, and she could afford the finest lawyers to have you imprisoned away from any computers where you could do more harm.
    Lazytown is 100% harmless and carries nothing but positive messages for kids which to be honest is a refreshing and excellent change to the usual drivvle they show kids around the world, it is actually a very intelligent show.
    You are without doubt a genuine arse sir, perhaps you could attempt to use the grey matter between your ears in the future before you slander the next person?
    By the way, your use of the English language is awful.

  52. does anyone else find the statement from the woman about her husband disturbing? That actress was around 13 when the show aired, meaning he was "drooling" over a teenager. I think the woman who made the statement needs to divorce him and get her little girl away from him before she goes through puberty, because he sounds like a pedophile to me.

  53. @momof2peanutz – she’s 22. She was 21 when you wrote your comment about her being a “little girl.” (’cause we know you were miss perfect in high school and college, right?)

  54. My son & I have been watching this show for about 2 yrs. I'll admit its been a couple wks since we saw an episode. I started a new job w different hrs. So, we were excited to see whats going on in Lazy Town to discover a new Stephanie. So I googled it. I am very picky about what my son watches. I watch a couple episodes before he's allowed to watch anything. I've never seen anything questionable on Lazy Town & the woman who commented that her hubby drools over the show that ws disturbing & she may want to find out why her husband was drooling over a child, puppets, sportacus or robie rotten.

  55. It’s great to see this highly original show return. Also to read from other people who value it’s unique approach. To be honest, I have to admit to finding Robbie Rotten’s voice really compelling. There is a song he sang in the earlier series…I’m SO bad…..lots of reverb, a really deep chest…

  56. Who ever wrote these 3 story's on this poor girl clearly has an unhealthy infatuation with this poor girl. Your story's/interview has more holes in it than a blow up sex doll in a max security prison and you're bullying an innocent girl for your personal gain, grow the fuck up and stop writing story's that a 6 year old would put as a test answer to the question "what's the most pathetic bullshit story you can write?"

  57. " Marjoree Hamilton from Tusaloosa, Kansas said, “I watched that show with my daughter, but my husband always watched it like a juicy porkchop, always salivating at the screen.” Adding, “This is the devil’s TV!”"

    So, if you caught him jerking it to sesame street or Dora, that means those shows are "sexual"? I've watched this show a lot with my kids on nbc Sundays, its mostly puppets, and sporticus and Stephanie have more of a father/daughter relationship. If you're finding this show "hot," save yourself some time, and get registered on the sex off reg now.

  58. " Marjoree Hamilton from Tusaloosa, Kansas said, “I watched that show with my daughter, but my husband always watched it like a juicy porkchop, always salivating at the screen.” Adding, “This is the devil’s TV!”"

    So, if you caught him jerking it to sesame street or Dora, that means those shows are "sexual"? I've watched this show a lot with my kids on nbc Sundays, its mostly puppets, and sporticus and Stephanie have more of a father/daughter relationship. If you're finding this show "hot," save yourself some time, and get registered on the sex off reg now.

  59. I found this page after searching for the reason behind them changing actresses that play Stephanie. I watch this show daily with my daughter on Sprout and NEVER EVER did I see anything "overtly sexual" about it, not even for a second. And as a parent of a 3 year old I am always looking deeper into these shows (like the creepy overtly sexual eyes of Dirt Girl, thank God that's off the air!) I've never heard any other parents complain either. Although it's strange and inappropriate, how is her re-creating Stephanie for a man prostitution? I heard no mention of sexual acts in any way there. And FINALLY – let me copy and paste here – Marjoree Hamilton from Tusaloosa, Kansas said, “I watched that show with my daughter, but my husband always watched it like a juicy porkchop, always salivating at the screen.” Adding, “This is the devil’s TV!” ARE YOU KIDDING ME? DOES ANYONE ELSE FIND THIS STATEMENT MORE THAN DISTURBING? YOUR HUSBAND IS SALIVATING WHILE WATCHING A KIDS TV SHOW WITH LITTLE GIRLS ON IT – WHILE WATCHING IT WITH YOUR DAUGHTER – BUT IT'S THE SHOWS FAULT? HOW ABOUT YOUR HUSBAND HAS PEDOPHILIAC TENDENCIES?

  60. No, douche bags like these deserve to get sued. I'd love to kick his/her ass with pleasure, but then, I'd get sued, and I don't want that. Gotta go with how the system works. And as for Juliana Rose, she's a girl so it doesn't really matter if she's a pussy.

  61. yeah man I was wondering where the old stephanie was cuz nowadays another girl comes as stephanie.

  62. Hilarious! “Grab his dick and what, Bitch!”. I think Stephanie is HOT and this is a very funny tribute to her. She’d laugh her cute ass off if she saw this. Well done.

  63. Uh. Idiotic. Not funny.
    Umm- this is a little girl, you morons. Prostitution? Hope her dad kicks your ass.

  64. Ok first of all that is not the way the song went in the show so that is one fat lie LIES I TELL U. To be fair the show is about teaching children not to be lazy to go out side and exercise witch is right its the right thing for children to be doing and not to eat so much junk food witch is also correct. I watched lazy town when I was little and it is a great show and its funny too. And that video that was shown up above there was disgusting that's not the way the song went so if u have a heart I suggest u shouldn't post stuff that arn't even true she was only 12 years old then and now she is 22 and what she still has feeling she is a human being like the rest of us and no one should be made fun of for that so whoever made that video up there u should be ashamed of yourself how dare u take that disgusting video down if u have a heart. P.s Lazy town rocks got that.

  65. Sooooooooo NOT funny. Why would you trash this girl like this? This ridiculous story pops up when you google her name as if it were a real story. You should be ashamed of yourself for writing and publishing this garbage.

  66. Jokes are supposed to be funny. This is just stupid. How does writing something is a joke make it funny. I can write im king of the world, it doesnt make it so…..

  67. Unbelievable how every little thing is looked into! What is this world coming too?! Its a kid show for pete's sake! The more us adults who are constantly looking for something wrong and make it public the more we RUIN our future generations from even knowing what it means to be innocent! This makes me sick to even read the garbage you are writing.

  68. You're all bloody idiots to think that lazy town and the portrayal of this girl was anything more than a wonderfully made tv show for children. As a childcare teacher I could not see any evidence of the contrary and to make a video such as the above was uncalled for. At least for most of us normal people we are able to see what's real and not. Why do idiots make up this type of shit?

  69. ok, if you wanted to aim at the dads, you’re kinda shooting though the innocent being held hostage. you see, you should keeps tabs on how young females are focused on making the shows for the dads instead of the kids. that way no lady would “bite the bullet” like Juilanna did. and make the letters for the apology font bigger next time if you do this again. i can barely read it and i’m a young person myself. but other than that it was a good mix of serious facts, with a little dark humor from the video.

  70. That photoshopped picture comes from the Get Lazy website and was made about 5 years ago. You could have added some credits there.

  71. This so called reporter should be prosecuted it would appear he or she is the one getting sexual gratification from wathcing lazy town. I hope0 Miss Mauriello takes him to the cleaners because this type of journalism is the lowest of the low. This could harm her career just because of and idiot getting off on writing such crap

  72. Seven months later and we’re still pulling 1,000 readers a day… where are you people coming from???

  73. you guys are f***ing dumb. sounds fake? probably is. hit the ‘legal’ button at the top of the screen and read about how this is a SATIRICAL news website, AKA sh**’s made up . Don’t get your jimmys all rustled

  74. Dat profile pic and the point this article is making is cringe worthy. (Can't tell if trolling profile or not)

  75. Lmao! What a ridiculous article. The bruise on her eye looks hilarious and you can't even spell Sportacus right. A tremendous asset to glossy news? No. Just a tremendous ass.

  76. This is the most fabricated story i have ever read, why would you tarnish this poor girls image like that. What a douchebag. Just because sporticus wont teabag you doesnt mean you should slander a little girls name

  77. @Glen – “Well, this “imaginative” piece is probably actionable, even with the disclaimer at the end.”

    Your command of the law is rivaled only by your sense of humor.

  78. This is a fixed and tampered video. Take out all of the stuff and it's just dancing. Get a f***ing life u son of a bitch loser!!!

  79. First off, the guy who plays sportacus is GAY, where is if inappropriate?! She dances with him.. That’s about it. Christ get a life!

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