Julianna Rose from LazyTown (Stephanie) In Adult Modeling

First of all, you’re a terrible person for clicking this link. Sure, I’m a worse person for posting it, but I’ve done nothing illegal. The youngest girl I find attractive has to be about 27… so there you go.

Stephanie was a cute kid, but maybe here’s more of what you want to see.

I can’t say I agree with you, but here you are, so here are the pictures you really want.

Stephanie from LazyTown Arrested for Prostitution?
Julianna Rose Maurelio, Stephanie from LazyTown, Dead of Apparent Suicide Overdose
Julianna Mauriello Responds to to False Allegations (interview)
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Not sure what she's doing here, but this is from the actual show.
Not sure what she’s doing here, but this is from the actual show.
Actual screen-grab from the show.
Actual screen-grab from the show.



Author: Dexter Sinistri

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44 thoughts on “Julianna Rose from LazyTown (Stephanie) In Adult Modeling

  1. you’re ALL a bunch of morons ……..
    who the hell cares what goes on in a stupid tv show?
    get over yourselves !!!

  2. OMFG You would
    actually post this? Such
    a damn douche. You are a jerk.
    She is an innocent 24-year old.
    Don’t post these crap articles.
    Don’t post ’em when they’re not true.
    Especially by a long shot. You know
    that these are fake. They’re photo-shop.
    Dumb ass.

  3. All of the pictures are shopped. The one where it looks like she’s doin sum thing to Spartacus she is just giving the puppet a hug. The one that looks like Spartacus is near her no no place. She is actually laying on his back they were picking each other up in the show cus their backs were glued together and the perk shopped his head off from the left and put it to the right. What a sad photo shop skill. Get a better hobby then to try and make it look like a legal aged child actor performing into propitiate stuff (she was 9 years older then her portrayed char) means she was 21 in 2013 in the end of her career This dude just made this to get his rocks off.. Sick

  4. that I'd actually from the show. it suppose to be his face coming from the other side of the screen. I remember watching this show as 7year old kid and this is from the actual show.

  5. that I'd actually from the show. it suppose to be his face coming from the other side of the screen. I remember watching this show as 7year old kid and this is from the actual show.

  6. SO many funny comments. It is clearly just meant be a funny/satire piece. It just isn’t particularly funny and is very cheap unintelligent comedy. Shame no one seemed to notice that the images also include an ex very talented world class Olympic/European CHamps athlete who is the driving force behind the show to try and educate children (and hopefully parents) on the benefits of healthy eating.

  7. People are sooooooo screwed up these days. First off the photos were photoshopped. Secondly there was nothing wrong this show and its a children's show. Thirdly she was just a child, sick bastards. And lastly….da fuk is the matter with you people, whoever took these photos shot have their legs blown off cause this shit is beyond the word twisted

  8. I noticed it too its just fake. These people like to tell lies to make their stories interesting

  9. I noticed it too its just fake. These people like to tell lies to make their stories interesting

  10. Sarah marijuana shut up those photos are photo shopped
    you are being redik either your an idiot perv who wants this site to stay up or don’t have any idea what photo shop is its all fake she isn’t inappropriate nor is the show
    if she is a prostitute AND died of drugs than i swear I’m a
    Unicorn and that like this article is simply redic!!! your simply WRONG this site I came to criticize because its obviously fake but other ppl came probably to mast
    urbate at this girl’s PICTURES!!!!!!! THEY ARE FAKE!!!!! THIS GLOSSY NEWS IS FONY!!!!!!MY GOD PPL

  11. Ok, the second one is obviously photoshopped, if u look and pay attention, the guy who played sportacus is the one on the bottom, u can c his blue costume, he's lifting her up on his back, I don't think he can be in two places at once. AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO NOTICED THIS!?!??!

  12. I am only 12, and these just ruined my childhood… Wait, YOU ruined my childhood. These are lies okay? The first pict, she just hugging a puppet. The second, third, and fourth pict are photoshopped. You never fool an eye of a child. I watched lazy town, you? I think no. I’m the young here, but i’m not as dumb as you. We children knows what’s the truth. Me and my friends are very mad. So get out from the internet and get a life, you stupid jerk.

  13. What the hell, Sarah Jane? What’s WRONG with you? You lambaste a satirist for bring attention to the obvious sexualization of a young teenager, but you have no problem with the show that put Sporticus’s face in her underage areas?

    You are sick. You should be ashamed of yourself!

    If you can’t see how this show was perverse, that’s on you. Some people think the hyper-sexualization of children is wrong, but apparently you’re okay with that. That’s on you.

  14. Decency? REALLY? you want to take down my comment because it isn’t decent? LOOK AT THE NASTY THINGS YOU POSTED YOU IDIOT!


    Its greasy windbags like you that are alone and decide to ruin others lives because you don’t have a life.
    its squabbling gremlins like you who decide to post untrue articles like this just to make yourself feel better.
    you are a horrible person…didn’t you even say that you are a bad person for posting this? hmmm….AND YET YOU STILL HAVE IT ON HERE SO PEOPLE CAN BELIEVE IT.
    People on twitter are still talking about this article so excuse me when i see someone making a fool of someone who is probably now making an honest living and wants to go on with her life.
    while people like you like to touch yourself while you watch the show. YOU ARE A PERVERT!

  15. these pics and worse ones are all over the internet partly in thanks to this… COMMENT AMENDED BECAUSE MISS POOPY-LANGUAGE DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THE RULES OF COMMON DECENCY.

  16. I’m sorry but anyone who believes those last two photos are her are seriously stupid. You can tell its photoshopped.

  17. So, never watched LazyTown, at least it doesn’t stick out as a show I would be remotely interested in. May have clicked it on once or twice but didn’t capture my interest. What I have to say after seeing photos and reading post is that this was merely a grab for attention as many writers will do just to get some views. There is no satire in this post, maybe some irony that could pose (no pun intended) as satire with showing actual photos that (look like) something is amiss. But that is just like the Elmo doll back when where parents were sure he was uttering smutty phrases. However, that said, this post merely contains provocative photos that will, most likely, cater to only one audience, fat, balding men who sit in front of their computers nude or semi nude and click on stuff like this to appease their own inner children, but will not land them in the pokie for searching for child pornography. Shameless on both the giving and receiving end. Sure, the poster is getting lots of hits, can he sleep at night? Dunno. I wouldn’t be able to but hey, it is getting lots of hits and that’s what it’s all about right?

  18. Danny Conley the real common sense would be to not spread it around making it worse. he's just reposting crap and making her look bad he's no better than the asses who actually made those photos

  19. Ruth Fultz Simmons You do realize that, the last two pictures are photo shopped and the first two are actual still frames from the show, right? Also, Brian had no part in these pictures. They can easily be found on Google. Don't be too quick to judge if you don't have any common sense.

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