Latest Edgy Headlines Make Even More Dodgy Figures Guilty ‘By Association!’

Jeremy Corbyn has often been accused of guilt by association:

E.g. the Chairman Mao bike controversy.

Or the innuendo about supposed Czech spies.

Or disturbing figures like Hamas.

Some of the criticisms are very well founded, while others are dubious.

Either way, here are a few sensationalist headline suggestions for the red-tops regarding a few other ‘mildly controversial’ figures.

Pope Francis Becomes Radical Islamist!

Mad cleric panders to jihadists at Istanbul mosque, claims building is also part of Christian history!

Valery Gergiev Conducting Shameless Artistic Entryism!!!

Elitist Russian opera figure from leading former Soviet Union country has a literally MAHOOOOSIVE moustache… just like you-know-who!

Japanese Premier Shinzo Abe in Imperialist Food Shocker!

Chav selfie by Eastern leader shows him eating sushi that was the absolute favourite dish of Mr Tojo!

Canon Welby Embraces Gay Agenda!

Dodgy Cleric invites activist for talks, claims the non-heterosexual community are children of God too! Is the leader of the Anglican Communion going over to the other side at last?

Liberal Muslim Cleric Promotes Transgender Extremism!

Revisionist lmam Allowed The Kinks’ Lola to be played at cousin’s wedding party… worst of BOTH worlds!

New Professor Emeritus at Cambridge is a Descendant of Victorian Nutjob Charles Galton!

Unconvincing ivory tower charlatan claims modern day Darwinism has nothing to do with eugenics!

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