Republications Tomorrow from Another Great Satire Outlet: & Should You Cut or Grow the Pie?

I’ve written for many satire outlets in the past. One of the first ones I ever wrote for, apart from Glossy News (remember to like our Facebook page!) is The Spoof. This is one of the more prolific satire sites out there; there are some good stories there too. I’ve written stories there as ‘TM_Dealer,’ rather than as ‘Wallace Runnymede.

You might ask:

“Why speak favourably of another site? Aren’t you competitors?”

One way of looking at this is to consider, if you will, the:

Two Important Things About Pies!

A lot of people talk about how to slice up the pie.

Others talk about growing it.

Sometimes, you can reconcile both, up to a point; at other times, it’s really high.

My personal view is that the more people that are interested in satire, the bigger the audience is. There is a trade-off here. I tend to enjoy sharing. Competitors are competitors, but it’s not automatically, necessarily the case that every time you link to another satire site, or speak favourably of them, you potentially encourage the sustenance and growth of a health satire market.

Obviously, this is a bit of a grey area. But like so many great economists, Thomas Sowell is right to emphasise the importance of growing the pie, and not merely cutting it up better!

Focusing too much on cutting the pie, without thinking about how to grow it, is one of the common economic fallacies he exposes.

After the four stories from The Spoof, we’ve got a handy list of suggestion for avoiding fuel poverty; some of you might just find it useful! And then there’s another funny Donald Trump story…

But what?!

Keep following the site to find out.

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— Wallace

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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