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5 Day Free Ebook Offer! Graveyard of the Pieties (Amazon)

5 Day Free Ebook Offer! Graveyard of the Pieties (Amazon)

From November 22 to November 26 2016 my ebook Graveyard of the Pieties is available 100% free on Amazon!

Three stories which are rather more ‘literary’ than many of my stories in fake news outlets. Lots of room for deep philosophical reflection on the part of thoughtful readers! However, the stories are very immediate and heartsome, and thus can be enjoyed merely as entertainment.

The first volume of the ‘Fatal Conceits’ series focuses on specifically patriarchal presumption.
Jean Paul Sartre dares to love his dear Simone without ever laying bare his heart.
Ruth Hamza Banerjee manifests, in the most heartbreakingly dispiriting manner possible, the rank misogyny at the heart of humanitarian interventionism.
And Rob Schiller, awaiting his intellectual muse, has uneasy dreams of a far-off Chinese literatus.

Although this deal lasts for five days, it won’t be around forever! Snap it up while you can.

There is also a Createspace printed edition, with an Amazon Matchbook option (i.e. you can pay for the print book and then get the ebook free).

Createspace Store:

Amazon Store:


P.S. Please don’t forget about my vol I of Honest Adolph, a gripping, darkly humorous and moving novel about a most extraordinary US election in the near future. Can Saul Friedman and the jeeringly entitled Adolph ‘Honest Adolph’ Adams succeed in thwarting the Military-Industrial Complex and the schemes of the corrupt and violent Democratic and Republican establishments?

Honest Adolph Vol I: Hunger for Justice is available from 5 outlets, as shown here:

See also the online serial:




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