Ten Thousand Emails In – I Think GDPR Might Be Important

If you’re anything like me, then you tend to stay the course for the sake of simplicity above all else. If you’re anything like me, you also have a couple of different websites set up as a side project for your writing jobs. If you’re anything like me, you might have received so many emails about GDPR that you wrote them off as spam or some sort of unimportant development which only concerns those in the EU. Thing is, if you’re anything like me, you might have made a terrible mistake.

Oh God, Oh No

As it turns out, the General Data Protection Regulations are a little more ranging than my hubris had anticipated, so let’s take a look at just how deeply I dug my own hole. These regulations, as it turns out, are not only very real, they introduce elements into data regulation which help protect, generally (a possible explanation for the name?) While the regulations put in place do primarily apply to the EU, they also apply to any website or business which operates within the European Union – meaning all globally-reaching online services need to pay attention.

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Top 3 Essential Steps for Outstanding Sanding (From James Draper!)

Sanding is hard. That’s the general reaction people give me whenever I talk to them about it. Sanding has really gotten an infamous reputation over the years due to inexperienced people diving into a complex piece (like an intricately detailed chair or cabinet) without knowing the basics and by using the wrong machine, leading to a long and difficult sanding process that yields not so great results. Learning how to sand properly is an incredible way to save money as you can turn old beaten up furniture into brand new beautiful pieces instead of buying a new set or you can even sell them for profit! The only thing stopping you is the dread of sanding due to everyone telling you it’s hard and boring. Read more Top 3 Essential Steps for Outstanding Sanding (From James Draper!)


The ‘Vaping Community’ is Real and it is Changing the World

The vaping community is real, and it is collectively referred to as “vape culture” which encompasses the spirit that surrounds the act of vaping. In the last decade or so, vaping is something that has taken the world by storm and there are now millions of people all throughout the world who take part it in and play an active role in the vaping community. Vaping is a mainstream act that is very much changing the world. It has helped people quit smoking, it has gained a cult following and it has created several thousands of successful businesses.

Given that “vaping” was Oxford English Dictionary’s word of the year in 2014, it is clear to see that vaping is having a truly monumental impact on the world. Whilst many enjoy it, there are a lot of people who see it as obnoxious and unnecessary. To say that vaping has divided the world would be an understatement; there is no ignoring that it has had and is having a massive impact.

More people are becoming aware of the dangers that come with smoking cigarettes and are trying to kick their habits. One of the best ways they can do this is through vaping, and because of this, it is going to become something that is far more commonplace. The vaping culture is only going to continue to grow, and more and more vaping UK shops such as Grey Haze are going to pop up.

#1: What is Vaping Culture?

Vaping culture encompasses everything associated with vaping, both the good and the bad. To the older generation, those who vape are groups of young adults who have nothing better to do than produce large amounts of vapour from their mouths in inappropriate places. The mainstream media also takes this view too, with media outlets jumping to lambast youngsters for vaping.

Its growth, though, has taken vaping from something mostly enjoyed by young adults and teenagers to something that has been taken up by the older generation, too. Whilst there are a few bad apples within the vaping community who are a nuisance with it, there are plenty of people who are simply doing it because they enjoy the culture or because they are trying to quit smoking, and it is these people who represent the vaping community, not the antisocial vapers.

#2: Why Does This Vape Culture Exist?

It seems quite odd that there even is a vaping culture; after all, smokers don’t have a “smokers’ culture” like vapers do. Well, in short, vaping culture does quite a lot of good and it’s great that it exists.

First of all, vaping can be a competitive sport (vaping games are a thing – really) and if you look at any other sport, hobby, or pastime around the world you will see that, in most cases, there is a community of enthusiasts who surround it. From skateboarding to football and stamp collecting to trainspotting, every sport, hobby and niche has a community of enthusiasts, and these people, largely, make the sport, hobby or pastime what it is.

Vaping culture provides a huge benefit not only for vapers, but for people who don’t, too. As mentioned above, there are plenty of people who view vaping as a huge nuisance and want it banned, however, the vaping community works hard to educate these people and teach them that not everybody is like this, and that the enthusiasts behind this controversial pastime work very hard in deterring the antisocial vaping behaviour that plagues public places.

#3: What is Vaping’s Demographic?

Once upon a time, vaping’s demographic was mostly young people. Today, it encompasses everybody. From students to young professionals, the older generation, public servants, and politicians – the demographic is endless, and it reaches all around the globe. The truth is that people from all walks of life working in all kinds of jobs have taken up vaping to try and quit smoking, as a fun pastime, or both.

This is hardly surprising given that there is plenty of scientific evidence to show that vaping is far better for you health-wise than smoking, and many people would much prefer a world where most smokers took up vaping instead. Sure, large plumes of vapour can be annoying sometimes, but it has got to be better than toxic clouds of smoke.

The vape culture that surrounds the act of vaping has existed from the very beginning of its growth and it is something which is going to continue to be relevant and prominent alongside vaping. The culture and community that surrounds vaping is just as much a necessity as it is a nicety for vapers, with people from within the community working hard to promote responsible vaping and to eliminate the negative stereotypes.


The Biggest Operating Software Companies in the World

We all might be enjoying the best software on our mobile phones and computers, but have you ever come to think of the companies who are behind that craft? Well, this article will help you get a real understanding of which ones are the biggest companies. Brands that have made the world to become one global village.

These companies have made the world to engage with one another despite the differences in cultures and affiliation. Anyone who is above the age of 18 is now able to play online gambling Australia wherever there might be. This is not because the person is clever but the clever guys are the software creators.  Let’s highlight a few software companies that have made our lives easier in this global village.


The company Microsoft was formed in 1975 and it is the biggest company in the world. Microsoft Company is the reason why I am typing this article you are reading right now. For that, we say “BRAVO” to the man behind the idea.

The company’s headquarters is located in Redmond, Washington in the US. Microsoft has managed to develop different software and many other computer electronics which are now being used in the world. The company has an annual sale rate of $97.59 Billion.


Oracle is amongst the biggest software developers in the world. The company is well-known for developing database software, cloud engineering system, supply chain management software and customer management software. Ever since its establishment in 1977 the company has become one of the biggest software companies in the world.


The company was founded in 1998 and it largest headquarters is located in Palo Alto California in the US. The company is the one that should get credit for the making of Dell electronics. The company has annual average sales of $6 Billion. These sales were acquired before it made a deal with Dell Company.

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When Was The Last Joke you Heard?

You would definitely agree that the only thing which can make your monotonous and tedious routine lively is a well-said joke. A joke does make a boring day lively, instantly. In this modern world, people are extremely busy with their job responsibilities that they hardly find time to enjoy their existence here on earth. Well, this is the story of every office-goer today. (Shh…yes, unfortunately, mine too.) Read more When Was The Last Joke you Heard?


The Science of Anti-Aging

The anti-aging industry has always been a fertile breeding ground for fads, wacky ideas and charlatans trying to sell you miracle creams and serums. However, it remains the case that most of us would be interested in extended longevity. The human desire to survive is a strong one, and while the internet is full of bogus anti-aging treatments, scientists are working on more serious ways to improve our life span. Read more The Science of Anti-Aging