CHRISTMAS MAYHEM! Reminder About Our Advertising Policies ;)


We’ve had a lot of great comedy and satire from our amazing writers, so thanks so much for all your likes and shares! As for our dear advertising clients, I just wanted to let you know about our very special Glossy News Satire festive discount season, which is sure to be of benefit to all our advertisers!

From January onwards, we will no longer be allowing the occasional discount to specific clients, not even as a one-off when they begin. This is because many clients have offered us well below market rate, and January 1 marks the final, conclusive stage of rate consolidation that we began not so long ago. From January 1 2020, $90/$100 is the absolute minimum we’ll entertain under any circumstances.
However, the GOOD NEWS is this:
All sponsored articles are just $50 for ALL of this December, so about half price! So whether or not all of you plan to do business with us in the new year at our standard rate, you still have a really excellent opportunity to get as many articles as you can at this amazing end of year discount rate! Just in time for Christmas too. Get in touch soon: we just can’t wait to hear from you! 🙂
We wish you a heart Merry Christmas and hope for a peaceful and prosperous Festive Season for all!
P.S. This site is mainly for creativity of course, although ads do help us invest in the site. So if you’re a writer and not an advertiser, don’t forget that the main focus of our site is satire, so feel do free to send in your funny writing any time!

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