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Lebron James Jr. Will Suit Up for Cavs

Lebron James will suit up for the Cavaliers as soon as possible. Lebron James Jr., that is. The son of the best player in the NBA will be replacing his injured father in the lineup for the next few weeks….

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Is Cuba the Next Ping Pong Frontier?

As America’s relations with Cuba are bettered in the near future, many professional sports leagues are excited to pounce on the athletic talent in the small country. Major League Baseball teams are searching for the new Yasiel Puig or Aroldis…

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Northeastern Idaho State Makes College Football Playoff

While most of the debate about the College Football Playoff has surrounded Ohio State, Baylor, and TCU, a surprise team sneaked into the playoff late on Monday night. Northeastern Idaho State (formerly Northern Idaho Agricultural College) was selected by the…

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Baseball’s Giants Being Sued by Tall Community

San Francisco, CA–In the midst of the Washington Redskins name-change debacle, there is another American professional sports team under fire for the insensitivity of its nickname. The San Francisco Giants are in a lawsuit with the civil rights group The…

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