Baseball’s Giants Being Sued by Tall Community

San Francisco, CA–In the midst of the Washington Redskins name-change debacle, there is another American professional sports team under fire for the insensitivity of its nickname.

The San Francisco Giants are in a lawsuit with the civil rights group The Large Humans Organization for the “Giants” name.

“We tall people are offended by this name, and it’s been far too long that America has ignored the atrocity” says LHO representative Joe Bigg, 6’7”.

San Francisco mayor Ed Lee is pushing for a more politically correct team name to represent the city. The town is now refusing to refer to the team by the “G-word” and is actually proposing the team name to be changed to the “San Francisco 99th Percentiles”.

Mayor Ed Lee believes that “In this day and age, people that are abnormally proportioned should be given the same rights as the rest of us and treated with more respect”.

No decision has been made yet by Major League Baseball, but commissioner Bud Selig admits “We’re losing a lot of of our own fan base because of this name. The NBA doesn’t have any team by the name of the Giants, like the MLB and NFL, and their players are gargantuan. I’m a little scared of them, actually. But we want more big people watching and playing our game.”

Giants coach Bruce Bochy has voiced his opinion about the controversy as well, “I grew up in a time where we laughed at people who weren’t normal height, and that was the way it was. One of my best friends was 6’2” and he wasn’t accepted by the tall community or by many of the rest of us. He didn’t complain once about the names he was called–and they were a lot worse than ‘Giant’. People these days are getting too soft”.

Surprisingly, a large number of large people agree with Bochy. Bigger is Better Foundation is the most notable of the groups that accept the name. Supporter of the foundation, Jerry Lopez explains his opinion, “I was raised in a mixed household.

My mom was 6’2″ and my father was 5’6”. We openly discussed height without considering it a touchy subject. This taught me to appreciate all physical characteristics–big ears, gaping nostrils, or even heads the shape of a football–and I think height is something to be proud of. Therefore, the nickname “Giants” is really a prideful name”.

Lopez, who identifies himself as tall, is also a lifelong fan of the team, “They’re my favorite. I have a lot of nostalgia for my childhood memories of the team. When I was eight years old, I always knew I would be a giant–not the baseball player– but a real one. I actually got picked on a lot for my height”.

Players around the league have protested the name by purposely wearing uniforms that are too small for them. Some fans are also wearing “minus” size uniforms to games in order to support the movement.

In a recent poll asking about height, 81% of Americans believe there is a “legitimate height bias in our country”, 10% did not, and 9% percent laughed at the question.

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