Northeastern Idaho State Makes College Football Playoff

While most of the debate about the College Football Playoff has surrounded Ohio State, Baylor, and TCU, a surprise team sneaked into the playoff late on Monday night.

Northeastern Idaho State (formerly Northern Idaho Agricultural College) was selected by the playoff committee as the number four seed in the playoff.

After moving up from the FCS before this season, the school has had a remarkable run to finish 12-0 and a top of the prestigious Sunrise Conference.

Coach Brad Stillsbury talks about his team, “We have a lot of heart and we make the most of our talent. It took all we had to finish undefeated in our conference. Now it’s time to focus on our next opponent, Alabama.

“I tell my guys that the Crimson Tide is no better than our last match-up, Western Montana Institute of Technology. If we play our game, I think we’ll give Nick Saban fits”.

Leading the Potent Potatoes is quarterback and Heisman dark horse Dennis Nguyen. Standing 5’6” and weighing 164 pounds, Nguyen was lightly recruited coming out of high school.

Nguyen recollects, “I came here for our strong program in farm technology and had no intent of playing football. But when I was playing Frisbee one day, coach Stillsbury asked me to try out for the team, and the rest is history. I’m really grateful for the opportunity and am hoping for a shot in the NFL.

“I’ve heard projections of me being a top 10 draft pick. This winter I will work out with Marcus [Mariota] and Jameis [Winston] to get ready for Northeastern Idaho State’s pro day”.

Las Vegas has the Potent Potatoes as a six point favorite over the SEC champion Alabama.

Author: wyatt555

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