Lebron James Jr. Will Suit Up for Cavs

Lebron James will suit up for the Cavaliers as soon as possible. Lebron James Jr., that is.

The son of the best player in the NBA will be replacing his injured father in the lineup for the next few weeks.

LBJJ is a star player on his youth team and is ready to take it to the next level. Rather than wait to be drafted in ten years, the young star will sign as a free agent with the Cavs.

Reportedly, it is his birthday present to his father this year. Coach David Blatt has excited words to say, “He’s better than anyone I’ve ever seen at his age; he can dunk, put up 20-30 points a night, and be very charismatic”.

James Jr. credits his talents to his father and to hours in the weight room.

“I squat 475, bench 315, and have trained myself to run a 4.4 40 yard dash”, lists James Jr. He will receive private tutoring to keep up with his fifth grade class work. Points may come easily for James, but fractions will take much more patience.


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