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Satirism or Satyrism?

I have an uncontrollable need to make fun of everybody while engaging in habitual and indiscriminate sex. I always liked it when a one nighter would say, “Hey, you’re a funny fucker.” But when it finally struck me as odd…

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WTF?! Clumsy Corbyn Compares “Labour Against Antisemitism” Speech to “Million Hour Long Wagner Opera!” FFS!

Flamboyantly PC bitter 60s throwback Jeremy ‘Jihadi Jez’ Corbyn (not to be confused with bitter 30s throwback Nick Griffin of a rival radical socialist party) has made a surprisingly uncharacteristic gaffe to complement his ‘Zionist Media Conspiracy,‘ ‘Jewish Privilege’ and…

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9 Must-Have Guarantees Every Professional Academic Writing Service Has to Offer

Nowadays, the help of online assignment writing companies is on the rise. Students from different concerns of the world actively use great services of such resources because they offer lots of benefits, including the accomplishment of merely every academic paper…

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