WTF?! Clumsy Corbyn Compares “Labour Against Antisemitism” Speech to “Million Hour Long Wagner Opera!” FFS!

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Flamboyantly PC bitter 60s throwback Jeremy ‘Jihadi Jez’ Corbyn (not to be confused with bitter 30s throwback Nick Griffin of a rival radical socialist party) has made a surprisingly uncharacteristic gaffe to complement his ‘Zionist Media Conspiracy,‘Jewish Privilege’ and ‘Interalised Goyphobia’ gaffes…

After virtue-attending a Labour Against Antisemitism speech, the well meaning rich white male Islington socialist attempted to find the cosy Blairite middle ground between antisemitism and anti-antisemitism by smugly noting (or at least, more as less as smugly as you can be when you always look half like a cornered feral ferret and half like like a scared rabbit caught in the headlights!):

Well if you’ll forgive me for saying so, this rather reminded me of some million hour long Wagner opera. A few snatches of brilliance, irretrievably buried beneath tons of impenetrable, turgid rambling. Still, I guess the opera ain’t over till the fat Jewish lesbian sings!

As the crowd descended in uproar at the clueless, tone-deaf race-baiting of Clumsy Corbyn, the confused Trot snorted:

Oh, well, do excuse me. Now I did assume that was the most intersectional way I could possibly have put it!

As the symphonic crescendo roared and surged against Labour’s usual antisemitic leitmotifs, Emily Thornberry shrilly shrieked like a wounded swan:

Look, now we really do want to deal with antisemitism, but there’s no much blaring noise against our antisemitism that it’s just impossible to concentrate!

And as finally Labour descended into the cataclysmic, apocalyptic floodwater’s oblivion of the Twilight of the Trots, a Hagen-like Jez finally roared:


The chords of a final redemptive Wagnerian resurrection, redemption and renewal were notably missing from the final sheet of the score.

NB: We were going to consult legal counsel for this piece, but as Jez is renowned for not having a single censorious or litigious bone in his body, we figured we’d be alright! Change is coming!

Author: Wallace Runnymede

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