9 Must-Have Guarantees Every Professional Academic Writing Service Has to Offer

Nowadays, the help of online assignment writing companies is on the rise. Students from different concerns of the world actively use great services of such resources because they offer lots of benefits, including the accomplishment of merely every academic paper quickly and effectively. Accordingly, this sort of help is very popular.

It may be surprising, but many students don’t know all possible and compulsory guarantees every writing partnership must offer. This is important information. If you don’t possess this knowledge, you may be let down by an unfair website or you may not simply request a certain condition though it is available. We suggest reading this article. It is dedicated to the major guarantees every respectful and professional academic writing company like Advanced Writers must have to satisfy customers needs.

Make allowances for the following essentials:

  1. High quality. Highly reputed websites hire only certificated and experienced writers. Accordingly, you are supposed to receive only the high-quality assignments. Other levels of quality are unacceptable. The experts ought to be familiar with different writing styles, common academic requirements, and the latest changes to them. They should be able to provide such options as writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading (full and partial). Other services are citing, referencing, outlines, searching for information and so on.
  2. On-time delivery. Many students turn for help to special agencies because they run out of time. Your agency must guarantee that all your deadlines will be met. Of course, if your time limit is realistic. Otherwise, they should return your money. No apologies.
  3. Protection of private data. Remember that your personal information must be always secured! Your writing agency has no right to spread any data about you. Besides, your agency should use some dependable safeguard to protect databases from hacker attacks and viruses.
  4. Monetary compensation. Remember that after your writer and company agrees on your conditions, your order must be accomplished precisely as promised. Under the condition, your order wasn’t delivered on time, isn’t authentic or there are some mistakes you have the full right to demand your money back. Make sure your company guarantees this necessity.
  5. The uniqueness of your papers. One of the compulsory guarantees every writing platform must ensure is the unique content written in your orders. Professional websites assign special editors who check all the orders written by the writers. With the help of plagiarism checkers, it’s quite easy to detect and eliminate the non-unique content.
  6. Flexible working schedule. Another essential advantage you should check is the accessibility to your assistant. Once you choose or are assigned a personal helper, determine active hours when you can get in touch. For example, you may discuss the details on your order and add some adjustments from 5 p.m. to 11 p.m. Your helper is obligated to be always online. Moreover, you may need some clarifications concerning certain policies and guarantees from the team of support. It should be available 24 hours round the clock.
  7. Effective customers’ support. At times, some policies and rules may be unclear for some people. In order to answer them, you need feedback. Your company is expected to provide you with effective customers’ support to answer all urgent and important questions. Of course, technicians should be available 24/7.
  8. Chargeless samples. Never underestimate the importance and helpfulness of samples. First of all, they are given to check the credibility of a writer you have chosen. Secondly, they contain helpful tips and some key phrases, which can be used in your future assignments. Therefore, always request such samples. This is your full right. Mind that these samples must be given for free.
  9. Discounts. Don’t forget about discounts. Commonly, every newcomer has a guaranteed discount for the initial order. There are also some other kinds of discounts, which are given to the most loyal clients and those who place big orders. Obligatorily find information about this policy.

If you didn’t know some of these points, note this list down and remember for good. In the case, your writing website is really professional it is obligated to secure all these conditions. Look for such partnerships and choose the most adequate and honest. Check all these points and only then place orders and spend money on the assistance.

Price Policy: What to Know

We wish to highlight another important condition. This is the matter of price. It should be reviewed separately because most students have restricted budgets and cannot afford too expensive services. Consequently, students look for reasonable pricing. Highly reputed resources always think about their targeted audience and set relatively cheap prices. They suggest their clients filling out the application on their own and set their own conditions.

Every point in the application form has its price. For example, the cost for a typical essay differs from the cost of a dissertation. It will be much cheaper. Accordingly, when you change any of your demands the total sum changes as well. Adjust your order until it suits your pocket and save your money.

Here are the main influencers on the cost:


  • Assignment type;


  • Its length;
  • Its deadline;
  • Kind of help (writing, outlining, referencing, bibliography, editing, etc.);
  • Persona assistant;
  • Language option (native or non-native speakers);



Make sure your writing partnership allows customizing your order and the prices are fair enough. To define the fair pay, study price policies of other partnerships and compare them. Thus, you’ll find the average cost.

Author: Dexter Sinistri

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