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Build A WALL… And Crime Will FALL (Bring Our Lost Jobs Back)

Authors note: Ghost-written for the Prez.   The Rapists stand, Right behind the gates. They’re looking for breaks In the links of chain.  

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Bored Donald Trump Plans Orgy for West Wing

The White House announced yesterday, that the “you’re fired” bo$$, Donald J. Trump, was ranting about how bored he is with all the talk about people’s lives in the balance, do gooders, strikes, furloughs, whiny workers, and the general lack…

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Random Thoughts (XVI): Race Baiting, Rapey Luvvies & Restrictive Paedophile Swoops!

Less Race, More Values? The question of what immigration regulations there should be, and how strictly they should be enforced, are questions of values. Questions of basic morality and ethics. Unfortunately, there are elements on both the left and the…

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